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Posted: March 2015

Back in Season 1 of SEA AND BE SCENE TV - Episode 110 to be exact - we put together our first ever "Movie Makers Special".

In it we featured amazing screenwriters and directors from Canada's East Coast.  At the time not everyone thought of Mark O'Brien the actor and star of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE as a filmmaker - but he was already well on his way.

We've covered all of his projects - from his early work like KATHY to his forthcoming WANDERER and encourage you to have a look around the site to take it all in for yourself... after you've had a chance to listen to his tremendously helpful advice for filmmaking!

As always we're grateful Mr.O made the time! SABS

To watch SEA AND BE SCENE TV's "Movie Makers Special" in it's entirety click here.


And while you're here check out our final on set interview with Mark O'Brien during Season 6 of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE - click here for that a bunch for features on the man.

HOW TO DirectoryFor more great HOW TO's from East Coast Experts click here.

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