“The Healing” by Tim Chaisson & Chris Kirby

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The Healing Music & Lyrics Tim Chaisson & Chris Kirby

I've said it before - I'll write it again...

Tim Chaisson's CD THE OTHERSIDE (2012) is straight up great from start to finish.  It is... real and true.  The instrumentation and production are that and then some, but the honesty in Tim's voice shines through making the entire project a true reflection of the amazing artist that he is.  A whole-hearted tip of the hat to producer Colin Linden for capturing that magic throughout!

Different songs strike different chords to be sure, but none quite as many as "The Healing".

You can find the lyrics at the bottom of this post along with links to iTunes for purchase and a live performance video.

tim-chaissonWhat follows is our Q & A, as they say, with co-songwriter and singer...
Mr. Tim Chaisson

SABS: First let me say – if I had THE OTHER SIDE on vinyl when the needle hit the part of the record where "The Healing" should be it would slide right over to the well worn groves of the next track - it's incredible. Tell me about the inspiration for this song.

Tim Chaisson: Well, as most people know I wrote this song with the incredibly talented Chris Kirby. Sometime during the writing process for THE OTHER SIDE, I was playing around with the verse and chorus melody, I had a few little lyrics – I remember singing ‘I’m waiting for the healing, sick and tired of this feeling’… It was a bit sad! When Chris and I were working on it, we didn’t want it to be another sad break-up song – it’s more than that. Everyone has their moments of feeling lost and alone, missing someone or grieving over someone who has passed… It came from an honest place for both of us so it just felt real.

SABS: There's such an honesty in the lyrics I'm certain it's hit home with lots of folks not the least of which was LeAnn Rimes Cibrian - what's it like to have such a response to a song?

Tim Chaisson: I certainly didn’t expect it but while I was on tour in the US in 2013, SiriusXM  The Coffeehouse picked up the song. I was absolutely thrilled because I loved the station and listened to it quite often. "The Healing" was put into heavy rotation and instantly I started receiving a flurry of messages from people all over the United States and Canada who heard it and felt like it really connected to them. The stories were all so different – but all relating to loss in some way.   I was on tour in Ontario when I saw that LeAnn Rimes tweeted that she thought it was a beautiful song – I was thrilled! Means a lot coming from such a credible artist who has probably heard a million songs in her day. We kept in touch and I hope to meet her in person someday 🙂

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SABS: Mr.Colin Linden did an amazing job on the entire album... tell me about how "The Healing" went down in studio

Tim Chaisson:  I demoed most of the songs at home before I went into the studio with Colin… I did "The Healing" with just an acoustic guitar and vocal thinking that we’d probably add more to it in the studio. We sat down with two acoustics and my vocal in pre-production and decided we’d let the song speak for itself. It certainly didn’t feel like it needed anything at the time and I think we made the right choice. He’s such an amazing player - I love what he played on the other acoustic. It adds so much while playing so little.


SABS: What's your process for songwriting? Do you have a special place? Time of day? Give us some scoop!

Tim Chaisson:  I can pretty much write anywhere except for a moving vehicle (although the odd time, it did happen)… I do a lot of co-writing these days so it’s likely a hotel room or my home studio, as long as I’m stationary for a few hours. I do prefer to write at home but when you’re on the road so much you have to get bits and pieces in when you can. I’m always jotting down lyrics in my iPhone notepad and recording voice memos of melodies - but in order to complete a song, I have to be more focused.

SABS: Before I let you go... SO looking forward to your next project.... any details to share?

Tim Chaisson: Well I’m pretty pumped to release it in Canada! The record just came out in Australia – I’ll be there in a few days TIM CHAISSON LOST IN LIGHTso I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  It was produced by Bill Reynolds who is the bass player (and produced a few records) for Band Of Horses. I’ve been a fan for a long time so it was a bit surreal working with him.  I co-wrote 6 of the songs with Mr. Chris Kirby, a few with Meredith Shaw, one with Gordie Sampson, Carleton Stone, Dylan Guthro and Simon Wilcox.

I’m just really excited about the songwriting and production – I think there’s something on there for everyone – or almost everyone! 😉

Tim Chaisson's new project LOST IN LIGHT is set for release in Canada Feb.17/15

Click here to listen


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Tim Chaisson The Other SideTo buy "The Healing" find the track on iTunes here
To review all the songs from THE OTHERSIDE click on iTunes here 

To watch a live performance of the song from CMT's special "Tim Chaisson - Live at the Edison" click here


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