Enjoy HEARTBEAT The Movie At Home

The movie writer director Andrea Dorfman described as a love letter to Halifax is now available on iTunes.

HEARTBEAT marks the big screen debut for PEI born/Nova Scotia based artist, poet and author  Tanya Davis and continues the wonderfully collaborative relationship between Dorfman and Davis.

HEARTBEAT Premiere 2014-09-11-AFF-photo credit MichelleDoucette-010

We caught up with both ladies on the red carpet just before their Atlantic Film Festival Premiere this past September.  Click here to watch those interviews.

Here's the films synopsis...

Left with a relationship broken and a dream unfulfilled, Justine opens her world to the unexpected and finds strength in the beat of her heart.


Justine hasn’t played her guitar since stage fright forced her to give up her dream of becoming a musician. She tucked her heart deep inside her chest and ignored what it was trying to tell her: that in order to be strong, it needs to beat. Now, accustomed to avoiding challenge and excitement, Justine is stuck. She lives in the unchanged house of her late grandmother, works at an unfulfilling job and continues to sleep with her ex boyfriend, Ben, a painter who refuses to leave his studio. When Ben puts an end to their late night trysts, Justine is forced to reclaim her guitar. Nursing a broken heart, Justine starts to play and write music again. She steps into the world of the unexpected and rediscovers her strong and vital heartbeat.

HEARTBEAT-clapper-300x266While you're here check out a post we did during the movie's production by clicking here and have a look at Tanya Davis' Cool People Profile and watch her wonderful tribute to the Boston Christmas Tree during her time as Halifax's Poet Laureate - click here for that

Click here for HEARTBEAT on iTunes

For everything else about the movie visit their official site www.heartbeat-movie.com


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