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Posted: February 11, 2013

Fredericton, NB born Derrick Paul Miller is known 'round Sea and be Scene as the Totally Talented Tenor. Opera, Celtic, show name it - he sings it great! And whether it's a lunchtime Officer's Square concert in his hometown or touring the US with a Broadway classic there's no denying Mr.Miller was born to entertain. And audiences love him for it.

Over the last little while though, we couldn't help but notice there's... well...there's less of the fella to love. 🙂

So with our focus this month on loving life, happy hearts and living healthier - we asked Derrick to share his story and he graciously did! We're grateful to you kind sir – Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Birthday to you too! SABS


Derrick Paul Miller's response...

Yes, I have made a pretty significant lifestyle change in the past year. I joined Weight Watchers last May and as of last week have lost 85lbs. I am running 4-5 times per week and feeling GROOVY!

February is a special month for me as I am a Valentine's Baby and this year I am having a big even here in Fredericton to raise funds for my 3rd recording. It's a Valentine's Day Tea and concert with special guests, a silent auction, 50-50 draw and other fun activities. I am even being auctioned off to serenade the loved one of the highest bidder.

In terms of heart healthy choices, I had to take a close look in my fridge and see what changes I needed to make.

My dairy products have all been swapped out for low fat or fat free versions

I no longer use salt or butter/margarine but instead have found spices to add to veggies and other foods to make them more flavourful.

I have cut down on carbs drastically (I was an 8-10 piece of bread per day guy), and now I do not eat bread, but do eat wraps and a small potato once in awhile and brown rice.

My favorite go-to food when I need a pick me up... egg whites in the micro-wave and add a slice of low fat cheese with salsa on the top. It's delicious! Baby carrots and hummus are also a life-saver

I start every single day off with a bowl of quick oats, with blueberries, raisins, and bran buds. Very filling and my cholesterol is the lowest it's ever been. Oatmeal is a miracle food!!

Supper consists of a salad with some goat cheese and I use these amazing flavoured balsamic vinegars that I buy at the Fredericton Northside Market. I eat lots of chicken, fish, and pork, with very little red meat. I also make stir-fry's about 2 times per week and there are so many great and healthy sauces out there for them, like the PC Blue Menu Thai Peanut Satay sauce....low fat and low sodium and FULL of flavour.



Be sure to have a Happy Valentine's Day yourself and join Derrick Paul Miller , accompanied by Dianne Roxborough-Brown and Ernie Brown, along with special guests Carolyn Holyoke, Steven Peacock, SONAS (Helen Morag McKinnon-Bagnell and Ron Bagnell), and the Lintuhtine Choir for a Valentine's Tea and Concert in support of Derrick's up-coming CD recording. There will be sweet treats, a silent auction, 50/50, and you can even bid to have your sweetheart serenaded by Derrick himself! Derrick Paul MillerThis event takes place on Thursday February 14th - Valentine's Day - at St.Francis of Assisi Parish in Lincoln and doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are $20 and can be reserved by calling 454-5427. For more visit the Facebook page

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