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It's no secret we love REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and likewise the stars of the hit show!  We've had the great pleasure of  watching the amazing cast perform for the past five seasons, and have had the awesome opportunity to chat on camera many times over the years as well.

But now - as we take in the sixth and finale season of the St.John's, NL based hit series - we want to turn the spotlight on the amazing team BEHIND THE SCENES.  It's our salute to the production team - the REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Crew Who's Who series - continuing now with a lady who's been there since day 1 straight through to the bittersweet end.  Dubbed the unofficial historian of the show, she is the author of the "The Definitive Guide to Doyle" and officially awesome.... meet Kerri MacDonald


Kerri MacDonald's slate

film1What exactly does a Writer/Senior Story Consultant do?

A writer writes… and rewrites… and rewrites some more. We’ve historically had a fabulous writers' room on Doyle – this season it’s our showrunners Allan Hawco and Perry Chafe, Marcus Robinson, Joseph Kay and Amy Doherty. Unbelievably talented people.

We all pitch story and “case” ideas, personal stakes, jokes, gags, fun new ways for Jake to find himself in fun, new compromising positions.

It’s a collaborative effort from the start: we decide what the episode’s going to be about, we break out the story together, the writer of the episode goes off to script it, and when they’re done they bring it back to the room and we start tweaking it to make it the best it can be.

Allan and Perry do passes on all the scripts, because the true voice of the show is theirs. Then the writer brings the script through the prep process to production.

Breaking this final season has been very bittersweet because it’s our last year with these characters, but it’s also been so much fun to plan and plot for that same reason. We’re so fortunate to have had a successful 6 year run with Doyle, and we’re more fortunate still to have the end in sight and be in control of how the story ends.


MINI FILM ROLLWe’re super proud of these last 10 episodes. But it’s not been fun saying goodbye to the Doyles. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel tears itch at the corners of my eyes when we talked about those final episodes in the room (then I’d reach for the Skittles and dull the pain by eating my weight in rainbows.)

What's been you favourite episode so far?

Yikes. That’s a hard one. All the Carl Maher, Jimmy O’Rourke and Garrison Steele episodes because I think Shawn Doyle, Scott Grimes and Victor Garber brought three of the most memorable characters to the series.

Doyle, Grimes, Garber

film1shortI love "Popeye Doyle" from season 2 (Ep.202), because we meet Wolf Redmond (Alan Doyle) for the first time and Maurice Becker (Gordon Pinsent, AKA my boyfriend) is just being a badass all over the place.

I thought the MIDNIGHT RUN -inspired "The Overpass" Ep.502 from last season was one of our most hilarious (with Stuart Margolin guest starring, the original Angel from Rockford!! Unassailably cool) and one of Perry’s best scripts.

"Sympathy for the Devil" from season 2 as well (Ep.208), as it was a love-to-hate-him Martin Poole (Nick Campbell) showpiece and written by one of my favourite peeps, John Callaghan.

Kerri MacDonald and Gordon Pinsent

film-b (2)


And I think Allan wrote a stellar gut-punch finale last season with "Buried" Ep.516, giving us a terrific place to kick start the story in season 6.

I anticipate this season will yield a few more favourites to add to the list.

What's the best part of working on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE ?

Every part. I love my job. We’re so lucky to be able to make this show in the hometown we all love, our cast and crew is incomparable and we all just really really like one another. I love the giant bowl of candy in the middle of the table in the writer’s room that keeps me appropriately buzzed on Bottle Caps and Skittles until I peak out and sugar crash around 3pm. Some days I’m like a one-woman TRAINSPOTTING in there.

It is an enormous amount of work, but it doesn’t feel like work because it’s so satisfying. You get to break a story and figure out the puzzle, write it, make it better with the help of your collaborators and before long it’s being shot and becoming real. Then comes the thrill of watching it air (and if you’re me, get phone calls at every commercial break from Mudder asking what’s gonna happen next. Drives me cracked). Also, I get to hug Sean McGinley all the time. Total bonus.

on location in StJohns

film medWhat's your favourite thing to do in NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR when you're not filming REPUBLIC OF DOYLE?

Well, when we’re not in the fake Duke we’re in the real Duke. Not all the time now, but it’s no secret we all likes a pint and the pubs. The music and theatre scene is outrageous in this town so there’s no lack of entertainments and diversions.

Love it when I have a day off and can take a day trip down the Southern Shore. Window shop down Water Street on a sunny day while eating some Ziggy’s fries. Spending a rainy day in the galleries at The Rooms. And of course, taking a walk down to Middle Cove Beach and hanging out by the ocean.

And you think Jake & Leslie should end up together?

Jake and Leslie? Really???

Huh. Gotta be honest, I don’t see it.

I’ve always thought Leslie and Hood have had the REAL chemistry going on all these years. And ya knows Hood’s been gunning for Wife #5 so…

leslie and hood

While you're here check out chat with author Kerri MacDonald on the set of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.


Follow Kerri MacDonald on twitter @kerrimacd


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