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It's no secret we love REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and likewise the stars of the hit show!  We've had the great pleasure of  watching the amazing cast perform for the past five seasons, and have had the awesome opportunity to chat on camera many times over the years as well.

But now - as we head into the sixth and finale season of the St.John's, NL based hit series - we want to turn the spotlight on the amazing team BEHIND THE SCENES.  It's our salute to the production team - the REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Crew Who's Who series - continuing now with a fella who's been blending into the background and assisting on the front lines for years now... Meet Justin A. Foley.

Justin Foley slate

film1What exactly does a Set P.A do?

I work as part of the Assistant Directing department, so a large part of my job is relaying information from the Director and First A.D. to the rest of the crew and the cast. I distribute a lot of the paperwork on set, help with making sure it's quiet on set during filming and rehearsals, and sometimes help the Third A.D. with directing background.

I'm also a "cast wrangler", making sure that the actors on set are where they need to be, have their microphones on, have water/coffee/gum/hot chocolate/etc, and that they're generally having a good time. I also play the role of a bit of a "morale officer", trying to make sure that the crew is in good spirits. We have a great crew, because everyone works together really well--I know it sounds cliché, but it's really like a family here.

One would think that in the industry, you'd come across at least a few egos that you just can't hope to deal with or stay on their good side, but I've been fortunate to never encounter it here. Of course, some days it can be a little tense--as any job can be--and I try to make the day go a little easier by doing semi-nonsensical-but-not-exactly-distracting things, just to break up the monotony. It usually works pretty well, and more than 90% of the time, the rest of the A.D. team are doing similar things--the tension doesn't usually stick around for a long time that I've noticed.


film1shortrWhat's been you favourite episode so far?

There are two--my favourite episode so far is the season four premiere ("From Dublin With Love"), when Des is revealed to have survived his gunshot--but it's my favourite because when Des unveils the beat-up GTO that he bought Jake as a present, I was really digging how happy Jake's approval made Des. I'm a sucker for brotherly stuff like that.

My favourite episode that HASN'T aired yet is episode 3 of this season, because I got to be in the background dressed in a clown costume, doing balloon animals--while still working as Set P.A. I REALLY hope that doesn't hit the cutting room floor--but if it does - it does and I won't be offended. But I hope they at least get me a copy of the footage. 😉


film medWhat's the best part of working on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE ?

There's a lot of best parts--I've wanted to work in this industry since I was 7 years old. I'm 27 now, and to be working here in my home province and accepted by this stellar team is just like a great big validation of my entire life's dream.

What's also great is the camaraderie that exists with the crew--we work, like, 70 hour weeks a lot of the time so you'd think we'd want to take some time apart when we can right?

Well, on our last day of the work week, we pretty much ALL go out for drinks at our local favourite pub after work...there's a hockey team...there's been a softball league in past years...a bunch of us like to get together for paintball that's open to the whole crew, AND there's a Doyle rock band called the Dukes of Doyle!

Being a part of this team feels more like being part of a family.

There's no way to say it enough--I come to work with these people and I feel like I'm at home.

DoylePremiereS5 Justin Foley

film-b (2)What's your favourite thing to do in NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR when you're not filming REPUBLIC OF DOYLE?

Spending time with my girlfriend Morag Ryan at every opportunity I can is without a doubt the top of that list, and I also like to hang out with my brother Seth.

Terminator Justin Foley


film medI also help organize the annual Sci-Fi on the Rock science fiction gathering in St. John's each Spring, and I'm also the Executive Director of a new film festival that screens Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror films from all over the world called Granite Planet International Film Festival.  I like to play music, write, and do a lot of other film-y related projects and when I finally get a bit of free time, I like to watch Netflix and see what I've missed!

And you think Jake & Leslie should end up together?

Absolutely!! Without a doubt--I am a huge romantic and feel like we the fans have been tortured enough! Let the love blossom already!! 😛

Jake and Leslie Ep 501 Good Cop Bueno Cop



SABS On-Line Hook-Ups for Justin Foley


Twitter: @justin_a_foley

Granite Planet Film Festival

Granite Planet Twitter: @GranitePlanetFF

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