“The Monster of Twenty Mile Pond” by Bill Rowe

About the Book...

Is there really a monster at Twenty Mile Pond?

Bill McGill, a lawyer living in St. John’s, has been asking himself this same question for more than twenty years, since the day he saw—or thought he saw—something large and monstrous rise up out of the water and pluck a hapless seagull from the air. Today the memory resurfaces as his niece, Esme, finds herself on the wrong side of the law and charged with murder—one that took place on the shores of that very same pond.

With solid evidence against her, and a dogged prosecutor bent on making an example of the young woman, Esme’s fate is sealed. But her uncle refuses to give up hope. Bill McGill must return to the scene of the crime—and the scene of his own long-ago nightmare vision—and learn the truth about what lurks beneath the waves of Twenty Mile Pond.

The Monster of Twenty Mile Pond is Bill Rowe’s eighth book. Two of his books, Danny Williams: The War with Ottawa and The Premiers Joey and Frank: Greed, Power, and Lust, have appeared on the Globe and Mail bestsellers lists.


About the Author...

Bill-RoweBorn in Newfoundland, Bill Rowe graduated in English from Memorial University and attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, obtaining an Honours MA in law.

Elected five times to the House of Assembly, Rowe served as a minister in the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and as leader of the Official Opposition. He practised law in St. John’s for many years, and has been a long-time public affairs commentator, appearing regularly on national and local television, as well as hosting a daily radio call-in show on VOCM and writing weekly newspaper columns.

Rowe has written eight books: Clapp’s Rock, a bestselling novel published by McClelland and Stewart and serialized on CBC national radio; The Temptation of Victor Galanti, a second novel published by McClelland and Stewart; a volume of essays on politics and public affairs published by Jesperson Press of St. John’s; the critically acclaimed political memoir Danny Williams: The War With Ottawa, which appeared on the Globe and Mail’s bestsellers list in 2010; Danny Williams, Please Come Back, a collection of newspaper articles covering social, political, and economic issues; Rosie O’Dell, a critically acclaimed crime novel published by Pennywell Books, a literary imprint of Flanker Press; and The Premiers Joey and Frank, which was a Globe and Mail bestseller in 2013, and which the Hill Times selected as one of the Best 100 Books in Politics, Public Policy, and History in 2013.

Rowe is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada and has served on the executive of the Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador. He is married to Penelope Ayre Rowe CM of St. John’s. They have a son, Dorian, a daughter, Toby, and three grandchildren.

flankerFor more information and to purchase this book visit www.flankerpress.ca

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