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Updated: May 12, 2014

Great news!!!

WE WERE WOLVES directed by award winning St.John's, NL born filmmaker Jordan Canning is now available on VOD (Video on Demand) for Bell, Shaw, Rogers, MTS, and SaskTel subscribers.

You can find film details and casting info below, and while you're here please watch our feature interview with Jordan at the 34th Annual Atlantic Film Festival by clicking here.

Enjoy the movie and drop us a line with your great reviews! SABS

Jordan Canning extended interview (2)


Originally Posted: August 2014

Well, how cool is this?!

Jordan-Canning-director-photoSt.John's, NL born filmmaker Jordan Canning will have her feature film directorial debut screen at not only the 2014 Atlantic Film Festival but it will make it's world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival as well.  That's huge!!!

Canning co-wrote and co-produced WE WERE WOLVES with fellow Newfoundlander Steve Cochrane who also stars in the film as DannyPeter Mooney (ROOKIE BLUE) co-stars as Danny's brother Nick along with REPUBLIC OF DOYLE star Lynda Boyd who plays Kathleen.

It's fantastic for the film to have this kind of audience and we couldn't be happier for the entire team!

Be sure to watch the trailer above and take it in when it plays at these festivals - and we promise to keep you updated with news on the film's theatrical release. SABS


What follows is the official press release issued August 6, 2014

We Were Wolves - Poster - 300dpiThe 2014 Toronto International Film Festival announced today that WE WERE WOLVES, the feature film directorial debut from Jordan Canning (2013 Shaw Fearless Female Director Award-winner, Not Over Easy; 2012 Golden Sheaf Award-winner Oliver Bump’s Birthday; 2012 RBC TIFF Emerging Filmmaker Competition-winner, Seconds) will have its World Premiere as part of the Discovery Programme.

It’s an enormous and thrilling honour to be showing our film at TIFF this year,” says Canning. “I’m so proud of what we all made together. Peter, Steve and Lynda absolutely shine.”

WE WERE WOLVES stars Peter Mooney (“Rookie Blue”, “Camelot”, Parachute), Steve Cochrane (Afghan Luke, Grown Up Movie Star, “Three Chords From the Truth”) and Lynda Boyd (“Republic of Doyle”, “Sanctuary”, “The L Word”) and was written by Steve Cochrane and Jordan Canning.

WE WERE WOLVES Steve Cochrane and Peter Mooney

Danny and Nick Blake are brothers. When they were kids and their father had passed out, yet again, from too much drinking, they would sneak out to the meadow and play at being wolves. Down on all fours, they would crawl around, growling and barking at the moon. Now, almost forty and full of bravado, Danny is still playing small town gigs while fantasizing about his big record deal.  Having left home at 18, Danny staves off life’s lies and disappointments with drink, while blaming their father for a painful childhood of boozy nights and random violence. Younger brother Nick chose a different path. Married with two children and a full-time, albeit unfulfilling job, Nick is the responsible one who nursed their father through his final days. He prefers to remember a man of gentle sensibilities.

WE WERE WOLVES Steve Cochrane and Peter Mooney

A month after their father’s death, Nick sets out for the family cottage to pack up his father’s belongings when Danny turns up, unannounced, insisting on a brothers’ weekend  - “just like the old times we should have had”. Nick reluctantly agrees, but it doesn’t take long for sibling rivalry to kick in – Danny irritating Nick with his teasing, and Nick struggling with being the grownup. And yet, for the first time in years it seems their relationship is on the mend.  A chance meeting with Kathleen - an older woman living on the island - and the arrival of a realtor Danny secretly enlisted to appraise the cottage, put them at odds again. Except this time, it is a bare-knuckle round of accusations and betrayals. Passive aggression turns to open hostility, and the frail emotional bond of the two brothers is tested to its limits.

WE WERE WOLVES Peter Mooney and Lynda Boyd

WE WERE WOLVES is produced by Jordan Canning, co-produced by Steve Cochrane, and executive produced by Jay Firestone (“Lost Girl”, “XIII: The Series”), Peter Mooney, Stratford Canning, Sam Pryse Phillips, and First Love Films (The Portal). Cinematography by Sam Pryse Phillips (The Tunnel, Seconds, Donnie Dumphy, Not Over Easy), editing by Jonathan Eagan (The Animal Project), with original music by Igor Correia (Oliver Bump’s BirthdaySeconds) and music supervision by David Hayman (“Rookie Blue”, “Less Than Kind”).

WE WERE WOLVES is a Get Set Films production made with financial participation of the Ontario Arts Council.




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