It's no secret we love REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and likewise the stars of the hit show!  We've had the great pleasure of  watching the amazing cast perform for the past five seasons, and have had the awesome opportunity to chat on camera many times over the years as well.

But now - as we head into the sixth and finale season of the St.John's, NL based hit series - we want to turn the spotlight on the amazing team BEHIND THE SCENES.  It's our salute to the production team - the REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Crew Who's Who series - continuing with a lady who deals in communications flow to ensure everyone in the REPUBLIC is in the know... meet KERRY GAMBERG.

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What exactly does an Assistant Production Coordinator do?

As Assistant Production Coordinator, I have several tasks. I handle the electronic distribution of all paperwork. Anytime a script, shoot schedule or information regarding production is received by the Production Office, I send it out to cast, agents, crew and CBC. I also work with the 2nd Assistant Directors to build the daily call sheet, which goes out to cast and crew giving all the information regarding the next day’s shoot. I assist the Production Coordinator in ordering gear, as well as building cast contracts. Basically, the Production Office is like the information hub for the show, and I ensure that information gets to the right people.

What's been you favourite episode so far?

My favorite episode was definitely S5E1, “Good Cop, Bueno Cop”. It was my first episode working on set, as opposed to in the Production Office (which is also awesome, but there are virtually zero chances of seeing a car chase or shootout in the office!) It was an action packed episode with lots of stunts, great guest stars and we shot in some pretty interesting locations.

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The first portion of the shoot, I traveled outside the province with the cast and some crew to film the opener, which was set in Mexico. When we returned to NL, our first shoot day was in a junkyard and it rained torrentially all day long. There were several stunts slated for day, one of which involved one of those giant magnets that lifts cars up in the air. It was pretty exciting to watch. It turned out to be a really long day. By the end of the day, we were all soaking wet and in mud up to our knees. Those are the days on set you never forget.

What's the best part of working on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE?

The parties.

If there was a Gemini Award for Best Wrap Party, it’d be given to us REPUBLIC OF DOYLE lot. Hands down. Unlike your average production, ROD doesn’t just have one wrap party at the end of a shoot season. ROD has an unofficial wrap party at the end of every shoot week! The cast and crew all head down to the actual Duke Of Duckworth pub in old St. John’s to celebrate another week in the can, so to speak. We’ve also been known to have some legendary Halloween parties, premieres and season wrap parties. It’s wicked!  It's also incredibly inspiring. It's a really great feeling to work your butt off, put in crazy hours, some fake blood, lots of sweat and occasionally a few tears to come out and be able to say you were part of something big. And then you get to sit down and watch the finished product with friends and family and know that you were an integral part. I’ve never had another job like it.

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What's your favourite thing to do in NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR when you're not filming REPUBLIC OF DOYLE?


I’m a born and raised townie and I’ll be 100 years old before I see every nook and cranny of Newfoundland & Labrador, it's so big!

We regularly hike the East Coast Trail and camp around the island. We also play softball and go zip lining in Petty Harbour with the Doyle Crew.

And you think Jake & Leslie should end up together?

Personally, I’m rooting for Des and Tinny. But yah, Jake and Leslie forever!


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