Get Gone with Kelley & Jon… The Eastern Shore to Sherbrooke

Posted: July 26, 2014

Kelley Edwards and Jon King love road trips!

get-gone-logo-SHERBROOKE-ns-300x300Especially when those trips takes them off the beaten path. For years the two friends have been exploring back roads and towns, and discovering those hidden gems that make our region truly unique and interesting.

With a new installment of a our road trip series here on Sea and be Scene we invite you to grab your travel mug and your sense of adventure and check out our favourite Roadrunners, Sea and Be Scene's dynamic driving duo, as Kelley & Jon GET GONE along the Marine Drive to the historic site of Sherbrooke Village  

Located along the shores of the beautiful St. Mary’s River, Sherbrooke Village depicts a typical Nova Scotian village from 1860 to pre-WW1.

With approximately 80 buildings, over 25 of those open to the marine-drivepublic, it is the largest Nova Scotia Museum site. And while I have taken a lot of photos in the village in the “off-season” while visiting my sister  and her family, I haven’t been able to capture the “working village” in the summer season. So with that as our final destination, we started out on the 2 1/2 hour drive from Halifax.

Another reason for the visit, and our early morning departure, was to have brunch at a cafe called Beanie’s Bistro which is owned and operated by my pals Barbara Cameron and Max MacDonald. The sun was shining, and there were places to stop along the way, to take pictures of bridges, ocean views, fishing boats and rivers.


We stopped briefly in Sheet Harbour, which is a little more than half way between the city and our destination, to take some photographs and stretch our legs before passing through Liscomb and arriving in Sherbrooke.

eggs-beanieSherbrooke was a happening spot at midday on this Sunday and everyone seemed to be stopping by Beanie’s Bistro. Kelley opted for the waffles and fresh fruit, while I decided to try Barbara’s signature dish, Eggs “Beanie” .

This beautiful breakfast is served on potato cakes with perfectly poached eggs, St Mary’s smoked salmon  (the smokehouse is located just down the road)  and homemade hollandaise sauce. I could think of only two things to compliment such a fine feast; a good cup of coffee and something sweet.  Both would be obtained as Beanie’s serves up not only a fantastic cup of java but also mouthwatering homemade pie.

Sherbrooke Village bike and drug store

Once our brunch was done, and our visiting complete, we headed into the historic part of Sherbrooke Village where we could roam and explore through old buildings operated as they had been back in the late 1800’s. Animators were on hand in period costume, depicting workers and shop owners, and were more than happy to talk to us about how life was back in the day.

sherbrooke-pharmacy-symbolSome of the attractions include the woodturner shop, blacksmith, pottery shop, ambrotype photography studio, printery and drugstore (not to be confused with the modern day Shoppers Drug Mart on Main St. Feel free to stop in and say hi to my sister who is the pharmacist and owner)


A stop into The Sherbrooke Drugstore taught us the vibrant red show globe hanging in the front window has been a symbol for a pharmacy or apothecary, in much the same way as a barber’s striped pole signified tonsorial establishments, since 17th century England.   The lady in costume was very accommodating and even allowed me to play pharmacist behind the old wooden counter.

Jon in Sherbrooke drug store

After we explored history, we came back to the present and started the drive home back along Marine Drive. It was late afternoon by the time we reached one of our favourite beaches, Clam Harbour (home of the Clam Harbour Sand Sculpture Competitions).

clam-harbour-by-kelley-edwards a

It seemed the perfect way to end another glorious day on the roads of Nova Scotia as we cooled off in the surf and dried off on the warm sand.  Clam Harbour is a fantastic beach for families, as it has lifeguards, washrooms and change rooms and a series of sandbars that create warmer pools for kids to play in.

The only thing that could make this day of road tripping more enjoyable was to take in a gorgeous sunset on the drive home; Mother Nature seemed all too happy to oblige.  We stopped briefly to capture a photograph of the sun setting over the Salmon River at Head of Jeddore before making our way back to the city.  It was a large and exciting day along the eastern shore on that perfect summer Sunday.



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