Your 2014 ECMA Winners

Updated: April 6, 2014 as of 11 pm

East Coast Music Week 2014 has drawn to close, but not before a crazy amount of music was made, an inordinate amount of fun was had and a spectacular group of artists, musicians and industry folks were recognized for their achievements.   

ECMA award winnersAs always, we give you the complete list of nominees in each category - as it really is an honour to be nominated - along with the  **winners** denoted as such in each category.

Charlottetown played extraordinary hosts for ECM Week 2014 and now planning will begin for next year's celebration.

It was announced tonight that St. John’s, NL has been awarded the opportunity to host East Coast Music Week 2015, April 8-12.

Hope to see you there and once again congratulations one and all!!! SABS.


Aboriginal Recording of the Year / Enregistrement autochtone de l’année

·       **City Natives - 4 Kingz**

·       Kickin' Krotch - Kickin' Krotch

·       TheBrokenReckords - TheBrokenReckords

African-Canadian Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Musique afro-canadienne

·       Certified  - August 3rd

·       Jay Mayne - F*kiT

·       **J-Bru - Stranger in my Hometown**

·       Stahmenah Vybz - Kissed By The Sun

Album of the Year / Album de l’année

·Old Man Luedecke - Tender is the Night       Classified – Classified (Producer: Classified)

·       David Myles - In the Nighttime (Producers: Aaron Davis & Classified)

·      ** Old Man Luedecke - Tender is the Night (Producer: Tim O’Brien)**

·       Paper Lions - My Friends (Producers: Colin Buchanan & Howard Redekopp)

·       Two Hours Traffic - Foolish Blood (Producer: Darryl Neudorf)

Blues Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Blues

·       Dan Doiron - From Deep Inside

·       Joe Murphy and the Water St. Blues Band - Testifyin' - Fattening Frogs and Mistreating Dogs

·       Kendra Gale - The Kendra Gale Band

·       Ross Neilsen - Shack Up Sessions

·      ** Thom Swift - The Fortunate Few**


Children’s Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Jeunesse

·       Basinview Rocks - Music is Our Playground

·       Dan Bursey - Priceless

·       Little Miss Moffat - Wild About Nature

·       **The Little Ditties - The Little Ditties**


Classical Composition of the Year / Composition classique de l’année

·       Alasdair MacLean - "Silken Water: The Elizabeth Bishop Suite"

·       **Clark Winslow Ross - "Lamentations"**

·       Emily Doolittle - "A Short, Slow Life"

·       Jerome Blais - "Rafales"

·       John Plant - "Sandpiper"


Classical Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Classique

·       Barbara Pritchard - Toccata

·       Duo Concertante - Beethoven Complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano: Duo Concertante

·       La Tour Baroque Duo - The Last Time I Came O'er the Moor

·       Lady Cove Women's Choir - Heart's Delight

·       **Suzie LeBlanc - I Am in Need of Music**


Country Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Country

Meaghan Blanchard - She's Gonna Fly·       George Canyon - Classics II

·       **Meaghan Blanchard - She's Gonna Fly**

·       Ryan Cook - Wrestling with Demons

·       Tonya Kennedy - He's Everything You're Not (LP)

·       Whitney Rose - Whitney Rose


Electronic Recording of the Year / Enregistrement électronique de l’année

·       Hermitofthewoods - Land of the Lotus Eaters

·       In Dreams - Hologram

·       Joshua Van Tassel - Dream Date

·       **PINEO - C'est La Vie!**

·       Scientists of Sound - ELECTRIC SCISSORS


Enregistrement francophone de l'année / Francophone Recording of the Year

·       Caroline Savoie - Laisse-moi rêver

·       **Les Hay Babies - Le Folio EP**

·       Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire - Hilaire à boire

·       Lina Boudreau - Si fragile univers

·       Maxime McGraw - Maxime McGraw


Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year / Artiste de l'année – Choix du public

·       Charlie A'Court

The-Barra-MacNeils-by-Katheryn-Gordon·       Dave Gunning

·       Jimmy Rankin

·       Lennie Gallant

·       Mo Kenney

·       Paper Lions

·       Rose Cousins

·      ** The Barra MacNeils**

·       The Stanfields

·       The Tom Fun Orchestra

·       The Trews

·       Tim Chaisson


Fan’s Choice Video of the Year / Vidéoclip de l'année  – Choix du public

·       Amelia Curran – “Blackbird On Fire” (Director: Krista Davis)

·       Classified – “Inner Ninja ft. David Myles” (Director: RT!)

·       Dave Gunning – “These Hands” (Director: Scott Simpson)

·       Gypsophilia – “Horska” (Directors: Jason Levangie & Sydney Smith)

·       Jenn Grant – “The Fighter” (Director: Jason Levangie)

·       Kim Wempe – “Never Promised You Nothing” (Director: Caley MacLennan)

·       Paper Lions – “Philadelphia (Seaport Sessions)” (Director: Millefiore Clarkes)

·       Rose Cousins – “For The Best” (Director: Rose Cousins) (see above)

·       The Caravan – “What Up Steve?” (Directors: Phil Harris & Gesar Mukpo)

·       The Motorleague – “North America” (Director: Josh Warburton)

·       **The Town Heroes – “New York City” (Director: Dillon Garland)** (WATCH ABOVE)

·       Wordburglar – “Croque Monsieur” (Director: Jason Levangie)


Folk Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Folk

·       Acres and Acres - Truth & Sky

·       Amelia Curran – Spectators

·       David Myles - In the Nighttime

·       **Old Man Luedecke - Tender is the Night**

·       Stephen Fearing - Between Hurricanes


Gospel Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Gospel

·       **Becka deHaan - Long-awaited, Unexpected**

·       Dave Bartlett - Dave's Theme - The Way We Are

·       Elizabeth Deveau - Everything's Changed

·       Josh Lake - Across 110th Street


Group Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l'année – Groupe

Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac, Seinn·       Acres and Acres - Truth & Sky

·       Les Hay Babies - Le Folio EP

·       **Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac – Seinn**

·       Paper Lions - My Friends

·       The Trews - ...thank you & I'm sorry


Jazz Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Jazz

·       Daniel Matto - Groovin' with The DMQ

·       Gypsophilia – Horska

·       Jeri Brown - Echoes - Live at Catalina Jazz Club

·       **Paul Tynan - BiCoastal Collective: Chapter Three**

·       The Chronos Band - Boots the Cat


Loud Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Loud

·       Billie Dre & The Poor Boys - Garlic Fingers

·       Black Moor - Lethal Waters

·       **Death Valley Driver - Graveyard Dead**

·       Orchid's Curse - Words

·       Rapid Alloy - Hail Mary


Pop Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Pop

·       Kim Wempe - Coalition

·      ** Mo Kenney - Mo Kenney**

·       Paper Lions - My Friends

·       The Heavy Blinkers - Health

·       Two Hours Traffic - Foolish Blood


Producer of the Year / Réalisateur de l’année

·       **Daniel Ledwell**

·       Erin Costelo

·       Jamie Foulds

·       Joel Plaskett

·       Michael "Sheppy" Shepherd


R&B/Soul Recording of the Year / Enregistrement R&B/Soul de l’année

·       Chas Guay – Promises

·       Cyndi Cain – Soul Food

·       Dutch Robinson – FREEDOM

·       **Erin Costelo - We Can Get Over**

·       Josh Lake - Across 110th Street


Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Rap / hip-hop

·       Ambition - Man Of The Year

·       **Classified - Classified**

·       Kayo - S.L.A.V.E

·       Quake Matthews - Corrado

·       The Caravan - The Caravan


Rising Star Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Étoiles de demain

·       E.B. Anderson & The Resolutes - Broken Down Horse

·       Matthew Hornell - Have It All

·       Rachel Davis - Turns

·      ** The Town Heroes - Sunday Movies**

·       Whitney Rose - Whitney Rose


Rock Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Rock

TREWSEP·       Rain Over St. Ambrose - Truth For News

·       The Motorleague - Acknowledge, Acknowledge

·       The Tom Fun Orchestra - Earthworm Heart

·       The Town Heroes - Sunday Movies

·       **The Trews - ...thank you & I'm sorry**


Roots/Traditional Group Recording of the Year /Enregistrement de l’année – Folklore / traditionnel – Groupe

·       Ennis - The Fortunate Ones

·       **Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys - Pickin N Clickin**

·       Ten Strings And A Goat Skin - Corbeau

·       The Barra MacNeils - The Celtic Colours Sessions

·       The Rolling Kings - Raise a Glass


Roots/Traditional Solo Recording of the Year /Enregistrement de l’année – Folklore / traditionnel – Artiste solo

·       **Alan Jeffries - Coffee 'til Midnight**

·       Carolyn Holyoke - Collage

·       Lorne Warr - Halfway up the Stairs

·       Matthew Reid - Born to Fiddle

·       Nicole LeBlanc - Entre deux portes


Solo Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Artiste solo

davegunning_no_more_pennies·       Amelia Curran - Spectators

·       **Dave Gunning - No More Pennies**

·       David Myles - In the Nighttime

·       Mo Kenney - Mo Kenney

·       Old Man Luedecke - Tender is the Night


Song of the Year / Chanson de l'année

·       Amelia Curran – “What Will You Be Building” (Producer: John Critchley)

·       Classified – “Inner Ninja ft. David Myles” (Producer: Luke Boyd)

·       **Jenn Grant – “I've Got Your Fire” (Producer: Daniel Ledwell)**

·       Paper Lions – “My Friend” (Producer: Howard Redekopp)

·       Tim Chaisson -  “The Healing” (Producer: Colin Linden)


Songwriter of the Year / Compositeur ou compositrice de l’année

·       Amelia Curran – “Years” (Composer: Amelia Curran)

·       **Dave Gunning – “These Hands” (Composers: Dave Gunning / George Canyon)**

·       David Myles – “So Blind ft. Classified” (Composers: David Myles / Classified)

·       Mo Kenney – “Sucker” (Composer: Mo Kenney)

·       Tim Chaisson –“The Healing” (Composers: Tim Chaisson / Chris Kirby)


Traditional Instrumental Recording of the Year / Enregistrement instrumental traditionnel de l’année

·       Chrissy Crowley - Last Night's Fun

·      ** Duane Andrews and Craig Young - Charlie's Boogie**

·       Maxim Cormier - Maxim Cormier

·       Papilio - First Flight

·       Rachel Davis - Turns


World Recording of the Year / Enregistrement de l’année – Musiques du monde

·       A-God - Both Sides Of The Coin

·       **Asif Illyas - "Synesthesia"**

·       Ryan LeBlanc - Solitude

·       Stahmenah Vybz - Kissed By The Sun

Directors’ Special Achievement Award – Rita MacNeil

Dr. Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award – Chaisson Trio

Musician’s Achievement Award – Jay Smith

Stompin' Tom Award Recipiants - Flo Sampson, Alan Dowling, Kellie Walsh, Bob Mesereau and Susan Hunter

2014 East Coast Music Industry Awards:

Event of the Year / Événement de l’année

·       Celtic Colours

·       Halifax Jazz Festival

·       **Halifax Pop Explosion**

·       In the Dead of Winter

·       Indian River Festival


Graphic/Media Artist of the Year / Artiste de l’année – Arts médiatiques/Arts graphiques

·       Josh Lake

·       Karen Gallant

·       MANCHU-mark young design

·       **Phil MacIsaac**

·       Scott Blackburn


Live Sound Engineer of the Year / Ingénieur de son en spectacle de l’année

·       Evan Cormier

·       Georgia Richards

·       Jeff Harlow

·       **Stephen "Snickers" Smith**

·       Steve Doherty


Management/Manager of the Year / Gérant/Maison de gérance de l’année

·       Bruce Morel

·       **Forward Music Group**

·       GroundSwell Music

·       Sound of Pop

·       Tony Kelly


Media Outlet of the Year / Média de l’année

·       CKDU 88.1FM

·       **Jeff's Musical Car**

·       That East Coast Show

·       The Coast 89.7 CKOA-FM

·       The Morning News- Global Halifax


Media Person of the Year / Représentant des médias de l’année

·       Doug Gallant

·       **Jeff Boudreau**

·       Scott Blackburn

·       Tom Bedell

·       Trevor Murphy


Music Merchant of the Year / Marchand de musique de l’année

·       **Back Alley Music**

·       Malkin Music

·       Sound of Pop

·       Spincount


Studio Engineer of the Year / Ingénieur de studio de l’année

·       Erien Eady-Ward

·       Jamie Foulds

·       Jon Matthews

·      ** Michael "Sheppy" Shepherd**

·       Scott Ferguson


Studio of the Year / Studio de l’année

·       Denmark Productions

·       Lakewind Sound Studios

·       **Soundpark Studios**

·       Studio FMP

·       The Sound Mill


Venue of the Year / Salle de spectacle de l’année

·       Glasgow Square Theatre

·       **Harmony House Theatre**

·       St. Mary's Church, Indian River

·       The Carleton Music Bar & Grill

·       The Company House

Volunteer of the Year - Judy Bryan



from original release of nominees...

"Today’s nomination announcement demonstrates the incredible talent in this region,” says Heather Gibson, Chair of the ECMA Board. "We are proud to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our Atlantic Canadian musicians and industry, and look forward to recognizing them in April during Eastlink East Coast Music Week."


PEI 2014 Fan’s Choice
As East Coast Music Week 2014 approaches, music fans can get in on the excitement and vote for their favourite artists with The PEI 2014 Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year and The PEI 2014 Fan’s Choice Video of the Year awards.
These awards are the only East Coast Music Awards voted on by the public and fans can cast their vote online at beginning on Wednesday, February 19. One vote per IP address, per day, is allowed until voting closes on Thursday, March 27 at midnight (AST).
Winners will be announced on Sunday, April 6 at the East Coast Music Awards Gala at the PEI Convention Centre. Tickets for the Awards Gala are $60 inclusive of all taxes and fees, and can be purchased at or by calling 1-888-311-9090.
“We are very pleased to be partnering with the East Coast Music Association for their Fan’s Choice Awards and encourage music lovers to vote for their favourite artist,” says Executive Director of PEI 2014, Penny Walsh McGuire. “As we continue with the year-long, province-wide PEI 2014 celebrations, we invite all music fans to join us in Prince Edward Island during East Coast Music Week 2014.”
SOThe 2014 East Coast Music Awards Gala will be hosted by Seamus O’Regan, the former co-host of CTV’s Canada AM. Multiple time host of both the JUNO Awards and the Giller Prize, O’Regan was born and raised in Newfoundland and Labrador. He serves on the boards of the World Wildlife-Canada; The Rooms – which houses the Provincial Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador; and The Company Theatre group in Toronto. O'Regan is now a distinguished visiting innovator at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone and the executive vice-president of communications at the Stronach Group.
“ECMA is thrilled to have Seamus O’Regan as the host of the Eastlink East Coast Music Awards Gala, broadcast nation wide on Eastlink TV,” says Wilson. “Seamus has been an avid supporter of East Coast music throughout his varied career, and we look forward to have him celebrate the best of Atlantic Canadian music with us on April 6.”
Additional ECMW 2014 Showcasing Performers
ECMA-2014-Showcasing-Artists-300x300In addition to announcing the 2014 East Coast Music Award nominees today, ECMA has also unveiled a second list of showcasing artists slated to perform at East Coast Music Week 2014. Those performers are as follows:
Ben Caplan, Broken Reckords, Cam Smith, Certified, Chas Guay, Christine Campbell, City Natives, Colin MacDonald of The Trews, Cyndi Cain, Don Brownrigg, Dutch Robinson, Dylan Guthro, Fortunate Ones, Gabrielle Papillon, Hermitofthewoods, Jay Mayne, JD Clarke, Jeri Brown, Jimmy Rankin, Josh Lake, Joshua Van Tassel, Kyle Mischieck, Kickin’ Krotch, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire, Lina Boudreau, Maxime McGraw, Molly Thomason, Olympic Symphonium, Paul Tynan, Quake Matthews, Ross Neilsen, Slowcoaster, Steven MacDougall, The Barra MacNeils, The Chronos Band, The Meds, The Motorleague, The North Lakes, Thom Swift, Whitney Rose, and Zac Crouse.

While you're here be sure to watch all the fun we had during ECMA 2013 click here or on the pictures below to watch



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