DO YOU KNOW DOYLE? Extreme Edition

If you love REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and you love trivia then you are going to LOVE this competition between series stars Marthe Bernard (Tinny) and Mark O'Brien (Des).

Marthe vs MarkFilmed as part of SABStv's "REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Season 5 Premiere Special" on the St.John's set - in the Doyle dining room to be exact... and both stars brought their game!  As the two top scorers from our first round edition of  "Do You Know Doyle" (SABStv Ep. 107) we knew the competition would be fierce...and fun!

Watch for yourself and play along.... if you're up for it.

We warn you though, the questions were compiled from ALL 4 preceding seasons and our crack team of in-house trivia specialists dug deep to find some real tricky ones.

All right then....have at 'er! SABS

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