FACING THE SEA Lightkeepers and Their Families

About this Book

In Facing the Sea, authors Harold Chubbs and Wade Kearley have captured an important era in the maritime history of Newfoundland and Labrador. These tales of rescue and tragedy, of love lost and redeemed, describe first-hand what life was like for lightkeepers and their families in twenty-five light stations along the exposed and often inhospitable coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Most of these stories are told here for the first time in print, and each story is rich with new details and insights from the perspective of these remarkable men and women.


About the Authors

HAROLD CHUBBS AuthorHarold Chubbs was born in Carbonear, Conception Bay, Newfoundland, in 1938. He attended St. James High School in Carbonear, and then undertook a five-year apprenticeship program working at the E. F. Barnes Machine Shop on Water Street, St. John’s. Graduating with a machinist certificate in 1960, he went on to become a marine engineer. In 1965, he began his thirty-year career with the Canadian Coast Guard in St. John’s. He worked first as a technician for the division of Marine Aids to Navigation, servicing equipment on light stations around the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was during this time that he began to keep a record of the fascinating oral history of the lightkeepers and their families. In 1978, he became a supervisor of maintenance on light stations and marine navigation systems, solar power, hydro power, generator power systems at Decca, loran C sites, and marine radio stations throughout the province. In 1990, he became project officer-in-charge of automation of the first twenty-four light stations with remote mentoring to a central location. Harold retired from the Coast Guard in 1995. Previously Harold has written copy to accompany the lighthouse paintings of Leslie H. Noseworthy in the publication Let There be Light: Paintings and Drawings by Leslie H. Noseworthy.


WADE KEARLEY AuthorHaving grown up on the banks of Manuels River in Conception Bay, Wade Kearley moved to British Columbia in 1980 to study fine arts and journalism at the University of Victoria. He graduated with honours in 1983 and moved back to Newfoundland and Labrador. During his thirty years as a commercial writer, editor, author, and journalist, Wade Kearley has written extensively about the oceans, publishing articles in national and international journals and magazines. He has six books to his credit, including three other works of non-fiction: the provincial bestseller The People’s Road: On the Trail of the Newfoundland Railway, the updated The People’s Road Revisited, and the recently acclaimed book Here’s the Catch: The Fish We Harvest from the Northwest Atlantic. In Sentinels of the Strait, which featured sketches of legendary lighthouses of Belle Isle, Wade’s text accompanies the artwork of Leslie H. Noseworthy. Wade has also published two books of poetry: Drawing On Water and Let Me Burn Like This: Prayers from the Ashes.

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