Posted: November 4, 2013

Waving the East Coast fun flag one episode at a time – It's Sea and be Scene TV with your host Stephanie Beaumont, broadcast on Bell Aliant's Community One channel.

Now in our second season of celebrating all the people, places and things that make the four Atlantic provinces so special - one great event at a time.

What a thrill to be in St.John's, NL with the cast and crew of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE to celebrate the premiere of their 5th incredible season.

Allan Hawco & Sea and be Scene TV host Stephanie Beaumont at the S5 Republic of Doyle PartyIn this episode we'll chat with all the stars beginning with Jake himself - Mr.Allan Hawco.  We'll chat with Sean McGinley (Malachy), Krystin Pellerin (Leslie), Mark O'Brien (Des), Lynda Boyd (Rose) and Marthe Bernard (Tinny).  We'll also chat, for the first time, with actor Steve O'Connell (Sgt.Hood) and series Co-Show Runner, Co-Show Creator, Co-Executive Producer & Writer Perry Chafe.

We'll even chat with some great fans of the show at the end of this special extended edition of the broadcast - you'll see there pictures and those of all our guests below.  They have been placed in order of appearance for easy of reference.

OH YEAH - one other thing...this episode contains a special DO YOU KNOW DOYLE X-Treme edition.  In a follow up to SABStv's first REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Special (click here to watch) - we've gathered our top 2 DO YOU KNOW DOYLE trivia scorers - Marthe Bernard and Mark O'Brien - for an all out battle to supreme champion of DO YOU KNOW DOYLE Trivia! It was lots of fun and if you're a fan of the show - a must watch and play if you're up to the challenge.

We have a great TV Free Stuff prize pack too - so grab a coffee or a pint - sit back and enjoy SABStv's REPUBLIC OF DOYLE's Season 5 Premiere Party Special.

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