Randy Boliver – At Home Here in Nova Scotia

Occupation: Stunt Coordinator/Performer in the film industry.

Place of Birth: Bridgewater, NS

Currently Resides: Conquerall Bank, NS  which is 10 minutes from Pleasantville, where I grew up. Both communities are small and just outside Bridgewater. I have always been a country boy.

What's your favourite place to grab a coffee in Nova Scotia?

Sugary French Vanilla is my choice of hot drink on the go - so it would be at the Tim's drive through at exit 12 off the 103 highway. Almost all my work has me  travelling into and through Bridgewater and hitting the highway toward Halifax.  This is my first exit to take and if Tim's is open, my first stop. Not much of a café coffee shop kind a guy.

What's your favourite place to grab a pint in Nova Scotia?

It would be either at our camp on the lake, with a fire going in the deck stove, or in my living room with the  recliner chair laid back. I'll seldom have a pint any place else, unless work has me away and I'm at a hotel some where. If I'm out socializing away from home then I'm a straight tea drinker.

What's your favourite place to shop in Nova Scotia?

That would be Princess Auto. Man I love that place. I love to build things and engineer different apparatuses.  This store has so many different things - I'll almost always find what I need to make my project work. They have a surplus section and you never know what you'll come across if you take the time to look.

Where in Nova Scotia would we stand to see your favourite view?

Would be at the lake when the sun is setting. Early morning is great as well, mist is rising off the water, wild life is scurrying about. At times you'll get to see deer make their way to the waters edge, a bald eagle or hawk fly over.

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Nova Scotia:

1. Get in a boat. Take time to see the coast from the water side, whether it's in a kayak, canoe or power boat. The seaside is a very picturesque place. Maybe a bit of whale watching or fishing.

2. Get out and explore the small villages and towns. Some of them are like stepping back in time. At the height of tourist season they may not be the most quiet spots, but worth the visit. Many small shops to check out and right on the way to the beaches.

3. Check out our national park, Kedge (Kejimkujik). Especially the back country.  Put a canoe or kayak in any of our Nova Scotia lakes or rivers. If your into river paddling we have some of the greatest technical swift water rivers to give you a great challenge and adrenalin rush.

What makes Nova Scotia a special place on earth for you?

For me it's the ability to do so many things and to have so many places in which to do them. We have great trail systems for ATVing, snowmobiling, biking and hiking. Boating for everyone. The province is not really that big, making it easy to get out and hit many different areas. For us, within an hour and half either direction we can be on a foggy seaside beach getting seaweed for the garden, jetting across the lake in the boat, sliding around a sharp corner on an ATV trail, get fresh fish from the fisher mans wharf, pick blueberries, cranberries and any fresh farm market vegetable you want, walk through a museum, ski a slippery slope and even ride a wooden roller coaster.  Four seasons to enjoy and each to offer something special and if you don't like the weather.....wait 5 minutes.


SABS Note of Noteworthiness

We met up with Randy on the set of RELATIVE HAPPINESS when it was shooting in Hubbards, NS this November.  With over 110 credits in both TV and film - you can imagine Randy has handled stunt coordination on some seriously cool productions.  For more on his resume check out his page on IMDb - click here to link.

A selection of some of the movies Randy Boliver has worked on


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