HAVEN 4 – Hang On to Something….

Updated: October 10, 2013

Well Canada...our premiere picture just got a smidge better.

HAVEN SEASON 4 artIn an unexplained move...  SHOWCASE has moved up the date for the HAVEN Season 4 premiere... Be sure to tune in Friday, November 8, 2013.

Our friends stateside have been enjoying this fourth installment of the Syfy original series since September 13/13 and all reports have it pegged at "beyond great".
Can't wait!!!

And be sure to tune in SEA AND BE SCENE  TV on November 11, 2013 when our HAVEN On-Set Special airs on Community ONE!

TWEET of me & Lucas Bryant from SABStv with HAVEN September 25, 2013


Enjoy the HAVEN  Season 4 Teaser....

Stay tuned for lots more on season 4! SABS


Updated July 11, 2013


Good news- Bad news

Good news- we have a date for the Canadian premiere of HAVEN which we're all dying to see. Bad News - But one thing has us Troubled- we have to wait til Sunday December 1 until it airs in Canada on Showcase

Stand by for an all new HAVEN Who's-Who feature posting next week.


Posted: July 8, 2013

The awesome cast and crew of HAVEN have been shooting in the neighbourhood since early May – matter of fact, even as we post, HAVEN-Christmas- pre production Ep.213 Silent Night exterior Light My Fire Studiosthey're just a few blocks away shooting exteriors at a little shop in Chester called Light My Fire Studio. (That's the same store used in Ep.213 Silent Night)

YES – we love having the team in our village, but even more so - we love watching the shows when they are complete. So it's with great pleasure that we announce Season 4 of HAVEN is set to premiere on Syfy Friday, September 13 – lucky date for our US friends.

Still waiting on word from Showcase for a premiere date up here in Canada - they tell me we should hear before the week's end – we'll keep you posted.

Haven_S3_DVDWe can confirm the HAVEN Season 3 DVD and Blu-Ray box sets will be released September 3 – you can even pre-order now if you wish – click here for that.

That's all we know for sure... as for what happens when  Season 4 starts...
6 months after the explosive Season 3 finale...your guess is as good as ours...
although based on what we've seen here in the 'hood... we have some theories... 🙂

Production of HAVEN Season 4 is set to continue here in Nova Scotia through to September 27, 2013.  Stay tuned for more! SABS

WATCH OUT... OUR friends at TVline.com have the Syfy promo here


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