GET GONE WITH KELLEY & JON… to Wonderful Wolfville

Posted: October 26, 2013

Kelley Edwards and Jon King love road trips!

Especially when those trips takes them off the beaten path.

get gone with Kelley & Jon Wonderful WOLFVILLE, NSFor years the two friends have been... exploring back roads and towns, and discovering those hidden gems that make our region truly unique and interesting.

This great new Sea and be Scene series continues with an autumnal adventure to 'the valley'... we invite you to Get Gone with Kelley and Jon in Wonderful Wolfville, NS.


Kelley: Picture-taking, pumpkins and pie... three of my favorite things, especially this time of the year - And the town of Wolfville offers up these and much more.

our route Evangeline TrailAs usual, the first stop was breakfast (this time at the Esquire Restaurant in Bedford) and then we hit the Evangeline Trail.

The day was a perfect homage to autumn as we headed out with coffee and cameras, taking in the scenery - full of fabulous foliage.

It was beautiful as we drove through Windsor, marveling how much more vibrant the colours were here, than in the city. WOW!


On the outskirts of Wolfville is the historic site of Grand-Pré which "commemorates the Acadians of Minas Basin and the event which took them from their homes, the Deportation." Guide-interpreters are there to take you through the gardens and church - spectacular monuments, paintings, stained glass, and exhibits -  you can learn the story of the Acadian people. Grande Pre

You'll also discover some wonderful wineries - like the award winning Domain de Grand-Pré as well as one of my favorite stops - Tangled Garden.


The spot where Beverly McClare has made her mark!  What began two decades ago with one acre of land has grown into a destination celebrated by Martha Stewart herself! The property now hosts a herb garden, labyrinth, gallery, a production kitchen where their fantastic products are made and sold... oh and Beverly's house too!

JJon: We decided to head into the centre of Wolfville which, considering it was a holiday, was a-buzz with people.

Main street was bustling... particularly on the west side of town as many people were enjoying a day of picking apples and choosing pumpkins.

acadia and main street WOLFVILLE, NS

We continued our trek through make our 'must-stop' stop at Hennigar's Farm Market. Hennigars Farm Market

There are so many allures of the Annapolis Valley for both tourists and for people that call this area home; the rich history, the breath-taking scenery and the friendliness of the people... just to name a few.

pieBUT for anyone with a sweet tooth, the gem of this part of the world can be found at the onsite cafe for the Evangeline Inn & Motel. Butterscotch pie was the choice du jour.

This treat made for the perfect end to another perfect road trip!



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