KATE AT CANNES A Special Report

Posted: June 5, 2013

When we heard that NL born actress Kate Corbett was headed to this year's Cannes International Film Festival we were thrilled for her.

The short she wrote entitled THE TUNNEL (The Big Dirty Ol' Hole) in which she also stars along side Kjartan Hewitt was set to screen at the world renowned festival, so Kate was travelling there to represent the picture.

Now, without doubt - we would have loved to tag along for all the red carpet, Cannes-tastic celebrations... but we'll settle for the next best thing - a very special report we're calling KATE AT CANNES!

We're grateful to you Ms. Corbett for allowing us this vicarious glimpse into all the glamour and wish you all the very best with your great new film! SABS

Kate at Cannes - en route to screening

Hey Sea and be Scene -

It was amazing being at the Cannes International Film Festival to represent my short film THE TUNNEL. Its screening was a part of the Telefilm 'Not Short on Talent' program at the festival. Everything there is so glamourous!  I was feeling very lucky to be in such a beautiful part of the world with so many talented filmmakers around.

While I was there I saw LOTS of movies... I even waited for two hours to see the new Coen Brothers film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS - had some pretty interesting conversations in the line up too. I might even go so far as to say the conversation was better than the film itself! But I'm not a Cannes critic...

I enjoyed spending time at the beach on the festival grounds... such a good spot to go and relax from the craziness of the festival.

They would play a late night movie on the beach every night... this was JAWS (so good!) and surprise! Fireworks! They were the best fireworks I've ever witnessed... didn't even feel real!

We took in a few parties - the 'we' being myself and the talented Sam Pryse Phillips (Our Cinematographer from St.John's). We even went to a party on a yacht - Great fun!

I had a few star sightings! I saw Ryan Gosling from a distance on the red carpet and he screamed at me and said, "say 'Hi' to Stephanie for me Kate!"

So there it is. My first trip to the Cannes International Film Festival - I'm back in Toronto for now to try and make more movies!  xoKate


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For more on Kate's movie THE TUNNEL click here or on the pic

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  1. Great report! I really enjoyed reading about one of our Atlantic Coast stars.

    Comment by Bill Swinimer — June 6, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

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