Christina Patterson’s Cake Toppers Take the Cake

Guest Post by Kelley Edwards

Posted: February 1, 2013

PEI artist Christina Patterson has turned her passion into a fun business that really takes the cake. Her customized cake toppers have even been featured on Live! With Regis and Kelly.(see our post on their visit to PEI)

Christina Patterson's REGIS AND KELLY TOPPER

With her wonderfully whimsical work it's easy to see why so many are saying "I will" to I Do Cake Toppers.

We wanted to catch up with artist & business woman herself - what follows is our Q & A, as they say, with Christina Patterson.

SABS:  You run a business that provides people with custom cake toppers, but it's so much more than that. So how did you turn your art into a viable, successful career?
Christina Patterson: I have found a niche in Wedding Cake Toppers, but in the end they are sculptures that you can keep for a lifetime. Weddings have been a very big component to my business, but I do also make custom Christmas ornaments and illustrate with my sculptures.


SABS: How did you realize that you had found your niche? How long have you been doing this?

Christina Patterson: Back in college a good friend of mine was getting married and she was having a hard time finding a cake topper that would reflect their personality. I decided I would make them one. It was a hit and then the requests started. I decided then that this could be a good business. The more cake toppers I got asked to do, the less other work I would take on. By 2008 I had made the full switch to "I Do Cake Toppers"

Christina Patterson I DO CAKE TOPPERS
SABS: The work is so precise and intricate - what are some of the challenges that go along with it?

Christina Patterson: I think the biggest hurdles have all been psychological.  When your doing art as a job you can get caught up just like any other work. You still have to set time to play and experiment to make things just for the heck of it. Its the only way you keep passionate enough to push and learn more.

SABS: Your website shows so many great, imaginative pieces. What are some of your personal favorites ?

Christina Patterson: I have had quite a few sculptures I have not wanted to hand over. I've been loving what I have been doing lately. I have been pushing myself to bring some of my sketches to life. Most recently I turned a quirky idea of a golden goose.I also made a sculpture of "Gangnam Style" after not being able to get the idea out of my head.

Christina Patterson I DO CAKE TOPPERS 2

SABS: What makes it rewarding for you?

Christina Patterson: I got to say I am so spoiled with my clientele. I catch people in one of the happiest events of their lives. Being able to facilitate a piece of art that is %100 them is a joy in its self but then when they see it for the first time and the tears well up there is no better feeling. Now that I have been doing this steady I have started to be part of their families. I get asked to make anniversary cake toppers and ornaments for each new addition to the family.

Christina Patterson I DO CAKE TOPPERS OF HERSELFSABS: What celebrity would you love to make a cake topper for?

I think it would be a blast to do a sculpture of Steve Martin ... or Bill Murray... PeeWee Herman.  Someone fun and expressive.

While you've hear check out Christina's Cool People Profile.

To see more of Christina's one-of-a-kind works, visit or click here

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