Virtual Cookie Exchange

Big thanks to everyone who sent in recipes - it was right sweet of you.

Courtesy of Village Pottery in PEIWe are very grateful to PEI's Village Pottery for providing such a beautiful prize.

As promised we did a random draw from all those recipes received and we're pleased to announce the platter went to Catherine Clute of Chester, Nova Scotia.

Of course we couldn't wrap these up without formerly thanking the Sidekick for her artist renderings of those who submitted their recipes 'sans photo'...many of you remarked on her incredible ability to capture the spirit of the baker...and I couldn't Sidekick's renderingsagree more.

Now we cannot confirm that she'll be back to do the same for next year's exchange - but we will say  negotiations on her new contract are going very well. 😉

For your convenience - we've listed the links to our cookie recipes below - just click on the cookie and it'll take you to the post.

Once again thank you to those East Coast Cooks who shared their cookies. SABS

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