Jan Miller – At Home Here in Nova Scotia

Occupation: Connector, Consultant, Director, Strategic Partners

Place of Birth: Edmonton, AB

Currently Resides: Glen Haven, NS

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a coffee?

The wonderful deck at Beales' Bailiwick, in Peggy’s Cove. My husband and I had a coffee there the first time 16 years ago when we were designing the house that we were about to build 20 minutes away – we has a maquette of the house provided to us by our wonderful local architect, Michael Grunsky, and we were visualizing what it would look like on our property.... It was an incredibly bright hot and beautiful Nova Scotia day – totally romantic.

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a pint?

Ha – I don’t drink actually, but I do love it when a neighbour comes over and grabs a beer or a glass of Geoff’s homemade wine at our house as we sit out on the deck and watch sailboats float by.

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Nova Scotia?

Guy Frenchy's – hands down! We always take visitors there too. Last trip was a couple of weeks ago when we took our 4 Zimbabwean friends (performers at the Atlantic Fringe) there and we spent 3 hours while they picked up 8 bags full of wonderful clothes to take back home. And there is NOTHING like a “Frenchy's find”...

Jan Miller Cool People Profile sunsetWhere in Nova Scotia would we stand to see your favourite view?

Two places actually. On the highest rocks looking out to the ocean at Polly’s Cove (right next to Peggy’s Cove) – we go there every year on Christmas day and run our 6 standard poodles.

And the view from our front porch looking out St Margaret’s Bay, just as the sun is setting on a late fall evening.

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Nova Scotia:

1. Frenchy's

2. The drive down the south shore between Head of St Margaret’s and Mahone Bay on the old # 3 Highway.

3. A swim and picnic on Shut-In island and then climb to the top for a 360 degree view.

What makes Nova Scotia such a special place on earth for you?

The ocean, the ocean, the ocean.


Jan Miller Cool People Profile Jan on left with friendSABS On-Line Hook-Ups for

Jan Miller

Website: www.lowenbe.ca

Strategic Partners: www.atlanticfilm.com/sp

Women in Film & Television Atlantic: www.wift-at.com




  1. Awesome feature on an awesome person! Jan is a force of nature and has contributed much to elevate our community and, certainly, our country. She is such a beautiful, ebullient individual and I'm so glad to see her featured here!

    Comment by Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons — November 24, 2012 @ 12:59 pm

  2. Jani is hands down the coolest woman I know. She brings so much to everything she does.

    Comment by Kristyn annis — November 27, 2012 @ 12:19 am

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