A Great Chat With DANA McCAULEY in Halifax

Posted: October 24, 2012

Last fall I fell hook, line and sinker for the reality show Recipe to Riches. The initial hook for me was my old boss and friend Tony Chapman. He was one of the show's three judges and I had every intention of tuning in just to see how he made out on the premiere.

What a wonderful surprise to find out that five of the show's contestants were from Canada's East Coast, giving me a weekly vested interested – Go team!!!

With each episode the tension grew as did the product line of tasty creations available for viewers like me to try and vote on.

Ultimately Glo McNeil from right here in Nova Scotia took home the $250,000 top prize and we Atlantic Canadians were some proud.

"Recipe to Riches" Judge Dana McCauley with Stephanie Beaumont of Sea and be SceneThroughout Season 1 – I took to twitter to promote the East Coast Contingent on @RecipetoRiches cheering on the semi-finalists, RT-ing & replying to my fellow fans of the show and, as luck would have it, I connected with another of the show's judges - Dana McCauley @DanaMcCauley.

It was that connection that led to our meeting up in Halifax when the show toured through this past winter. A national casting call stop for Season 2 that allowed for a get together and chat over a lovely glass of wine. Dana and I convened at Obladee Wine Bar to talk about everything from how she got started in the food industry to how she ended up on one of TV's hottest food shows.

It was great fun. I do hope you enjoy this interview as much as I had doing it and be sure to tune into Recipe to Riches when it airs Wednesday nights on Food Network Canada.

Thanks for making the time Ms.McCauley – and I meant what I said...come back and we'll hit ALL the hot spots! 😉 SABS

For more on Dana McCauley visit her website www.danamccauley.com

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For information on our meeting place - Obladee Wine Bar visit there site www.obladee.ca

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