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Posted: September 5, 2012

From September 13th to 20th AFF 2012 will showcase the best of the big screen from around the world. And, as you might imagine, with an event called the ATLANTIC FILM FESTIVAL - an incredible roster of East Coast filmmakers will be featured and celebrated. We at SABS love that part of the festival the most!

This year's Atlantic Shorts program is a phenomenal example of the incredible talent we have in this corner of the world. Forty seven (47) short format films will screen in every genre. From the inspirational and moving to the maniacally macabre, the desperately romantic to the dark comedy to the daring thriller and so much more! Rest assured you'll experience it all with this fantastically diverse collection of short films.

Be sure to add these great Atlantic Canadian movies to your MUST WATCH list this year!!! SABS

What follows is a schedule of Atlantic Short Screenings – to find out more about each film just click on the title.

Atlantic Shorts 1

Screening  - Saturday, September 15 at 2pm Park Lane - Theatre 3



by Daniel Sekulich

Phantoms of the French Shore

by Barbara Doran


Atlantic Shorts 2

Screening - Saturday, Sepember 15 at 4:05pm Park Lane - Theatre 4

Brunswick St.
by Halley Roback

Bliss Carman: Divine Force of Nature by Tony Merzetti

01 by Hamish Lambert

First Death in Nova Scotia
by John Scott

Halloween 1977
by Greg Jackson

Pose by Eva Madden

Chew the Face by Lulu Keating

Neptune 50: A Marriage by Michael Melski


Atlantic Shorts 3

Screening - Saturday, September 15 at 9:20 pm Park Lane - Theatre 8

When You're Gone
by Christian MacDonald

Sleep Tight
by Ron McDougall 

Game by Josh MacDonald

Torturous by Angus Swantee

Jackenjill by Frank Forrestall

Hunt by Jordan Tannahill

by G. Patrick Condon


Atlantic Shorts 4

Screening - Sunday, September 16 at 7pm Park Lane - Theatre 8

Lucky by Josh Denaro

210, Please Repeat
by Matt MacIsaac 

The Chase by Mary Alice Corton, Joe Zanetti

Dreemer by Laura Dawe 

by Joel M. Thompson

Cracker Barrel
by Roger Maunder

Rat Race by Greig Oldford

Gamers: A Love Story by Britany Sparrow

Take the Train Home by Noah Stevens


Atlantic Shorts 5

Screening - Sunday, September 16 at 9:20pm Park Lane - Theatre 8

Irene by Vicki Donkin

It's A Girl
by Kenneth J. Harvey

Desperate Scribbles
by Martine Blue

When You Sleep
by Ashley McKenzie

Winners by Elsa Morena

Decolored by Allison White

Ticonderoga by Jesse Harley

Of The Essence by Ross Moore


Atlantic Shorts 6

Screening - Monday, September 17 at 7:05pm Park Lane - Theatre 7


Till We Meet Again

by Nigel Markham


Hard Light

by Justin Simms




CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala

Screening - Tuesday, September 18 at 7pm Park Lane - Theatre 8

Here and Away
by Andrew MacCormack

A Simple Death
by Andrew Hines

Better People
by Mark O'Brien

Crackin' Down Hard
by Mike Clattenburg

A Dog Is Ignoring You from the Passenger Seat of a Parked Car
by Anne-Renée Dumont

Recipe for Love
by Gwyneth Christoffel 

Room Service
by Glen Matthews

Fridge Magnet Poetry
by Lara Cassidy

The Offering
by Christian Sparkes

Big Mouth
by Andrea Dorfman 

Seconds by Jordan Canning


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