Ben Caplan – At Home Here in Nova Scotia

Occupation: Musician

Place of Birth: Hamilton, ON

Currently Resides: Halifax, NS

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a coffee?

That's a tough one... my usual haunt for coffee is Java Blend on North Street in Halifax. They make delicious espresso drinks (I like a wet double macchiato) and they expertly roast the coffee in house. And you like Fair Trade? Well they one-up with many Direct Trade beans. But even though that's my favourite café, my favourite place to grab a coffee is probably just any ol' place close enough to the ocean for me to drink my coffee while looking out at the sea.

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a pint?

My buddy Tom's living room for some expertly crafted home brew. Or the NSLC. On a musician's budget, I quite enjoy getting some beer at the liquor store and then enjoying it in my backyard with friends or at a house concert. My favourite bar in Nova Scotia is probably Fables in Tatamagouche. You have to make the trip. It's worth it.

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Nova Scotia?

Frenchy's. I try to live by the WWII expression, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” I avoid conspicuous consumption as much as possible, so when I have to get new things, I check the thrift shops first!

Cape Split Nova ScotiaWhere in Nova Scotia would we stand to see your favourite view?

Cape Split. When I was there last, I stared out over the cliffs towards the river flowing out into the sea, and I watched wild horses frolicking in the meadow beyond.

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Nova Scotia:

1. Bike the Cabot trail. This is something I haven't actually done myself yet, but I've driven it on the way to and from gigs in Cape Breton. When my touring life slows down a little, I am going to hop on a bicycle and spend a couple weeks doing it.

2. Swim in a lake. Everyone knows that you've got to visit the ocean, but my favourite part of living in Halifax is that you are never more than a 20 minute bike ride away from a pristine lake. The city is surrounded by them. From Long Lake to Williams Lake to Chocolate Lake, and more. If you don't know which one to go to, do a little Google search for good lakes to swim in around Halifax, or just check the satellite images. You can't go wrong!

3. Come visit the Open Mic at my home in Halifax! It's been running every Monday night for more than three years. We are at almost 200 consecutive weeks! You can find us in the North End across from the Red, Yellow, and Blue houses on Agricola St. The Open Mic happens every Monday night from 9-2. You'll meet a cross section of local artists and enthusiasts. The audiences range from ages 7 - 70. No joke! Everyone is welcome.

What makes Nova Scotia such a special place on earth for you?

I loved Nova Scotia from the moment I arrived here to go to school seven years ago. There is a special certain something here. It's a rarefied quality in the air, or some sort of energy in the place. Not only is it beautiful here, and not only are the people kind, caring, hospitable, and generous, but if you are open to it, I believe anything is possible in this place. I know a large concentration of people who are engaged in that old romantic project of “trying to make the world a better place.” Old fashioned, I know, but there are people here who live their lives for this purpose, and I am proud to call them friends and co-conspirators. I've been all over this world, but I've consciously chosen to make Nova Scotia my home for these reasons and more. There's no place like home.


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