ROBERT CARNELL plays “Saltwater Music”

Posted: June 4, 2012

Over the course of celebrating the people, places and things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so special everyday here on Sea and be Scene I have come to meet many a kindred spirit. Those who make their life here, those that love to visit this corner of the world and then there's the folks who have moved away for one reason or another – but who will forever consider Canada's East Coast 'home'.

CFRC Radio Host Robert Carnell falls into that latter category.

Placentia, NLBorn in Placentia, NL he now hangs his hat (and headphones) in Kingston, ON and while he may reside over 2000 kms and 2 time zones away from the place of his birth you can be sure Robert is enjoying the sounds of the homeland as often as possible. In fact he shares them with all who will listen to his show Salt Water Music.

We follow each other on twitter and I'm grateful for all the support he's given me over the years.  I'm so glad I get to return the favour now. What follows is a little Q & A, as they say, with Robert Carnell.

SABS: For those who have yet to tune in what is “Salt Water Music”

Robert Carnell: It's a radio show that I started on CFRC radio here in Kingston, Ontario in May 2007.  Doesn't seem like 5 years ago, but it's flown by. I play music from the East Coast covering all musical genres. When I began the station had 1 Great Big Sea CD so it's come a long way.

SABS: No doubt you've got them hooked there now. Who are some of your favourite East Coast Artists?

Hey Rosetta! - Seeds, Ian Foster - The Evening, Allison Crowe - Arthur Up to the Mountain, David Myles - Simple PleasuresRobert Carnell: Could make a long list, but I'll narrow it down to 4.  Hey Rosetta!, Ian Foster, David Myles, Allison Crowe. Apologies to all other musicians, you all would be tied for 5th.

SABS: So when you're playing the songs it feels like home, but I wonder if you've met many Atlantic Province pals where you live?

Robert Carnell: Not really.  I've met a lot of people on Twitter from Atlantic Canada who I chat with.  Most of them either still live there or live in another part of the country.  You would think a few would be in the Kingston area.  However I met a few people I only knew online at the ECMA's in Moncton this past April - so maybe I just have to hit that event more often. 😉

SABS: What's your favourite memory of Newfoundland & Labrador?

Robert Carnell: One Christmas we drove from Ontario to Newfoundland.  We just made the ferry in time during a snowstorm.  Once we got there we had Mummers show up when we were at one of our relative's houses.  And we stayed up for New Year's Eve, which was rare as a kid.  NTV had their annual NY Eve thing, which they still do, where they run a ticker at the bottom of the screen of every community in Newfoundland and Labrador once midnight hits.  It's in alphabetical order so it took a while to see Placentia on there but I did see it.  I think I fell asleep after that.  Don't even recall what presents I got that year, but I recall the other parts of the trip more.

SABS: I know with the internet and the podcasts you do the 'broadcast' world has become pretty accessible but want to send a shout out to the good folks at home?

Robert Carnell: Hello to all the Carnells and Hapgoods [Mother's side of the family] out east or other places in the country. And thanks to all the musicians, publicists, record labels who have helped me find music for the radio show.  Much appreciated when you are living in Ontario and trying to keep tabs on the East Coast music scene.


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Twitter: @robertcarnell


SABS Note of Noteworthiness...

Placentia 350th celebration July 20 - 29, 2012Robert's hometown of Plancentia, NL will be celebrating their 350th Anniversary this year from July 20 - 29th click here for all the details.

Congratulations Plancentia may you have 350 more and then some!!!


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