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Posted: June 7, 2012

LOVE these videos from the set at Kings Landing, New Brunswick!!!

New Brunswick Extras for COPPERHEAD a film by RON MAXWELL BTS video from Hemmings House

Another great glimpse into the production of Ron Maxwell's US Civil War era movie – this video for week 3 focuses on the extras casting for COPPERHEAD.

As for starring roles – we told you earlier this week of Billy Campbell's joining the casting to replace Jason Patric as the film's lead Abner Beech (post).

As Producer John Houston told the Hollywood Reporter “These things happen from time to time - There was an amicable parting due to creative differences." (source)

PETER FONDAAnd just announced today - Golden Globe winning and Oscar Nominated Actor
Peter Fonda has been added to the list of stars currently on location in Prince William, New Brunswick.

The movie is scheduled to continue shooting until the end of June. We'll have more on the production in the days to come. SABS


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