COPPERHEAD Wraps at Kings Landing

Posted: June 29, 2012

final wrap tweet for COPPERHEADThe time was 12:54am earlier this morning when the word was declared over twitter...

After 32 days at historical Kings Landing in Prince William, NB - Ron Maxwell's US Civil War Drama has completed filming.

COPPERHEAD a Ron Maxwell Film It's been wonderful to be afforded a behind the scenes look into this production.  Thanks to the videos, like the one you see above, and those in previous posts, we've really been able to see the 'local' players in the movie - both those in front of the camera and the crew too.

And thanks to star Billy Campbell (via tweeted pics @WOCampbell) - we've seen what his days have been like in the movie's lead role of Abner Beech.

@WOCampbell tweet June 15, 2012


@WOCampbell tweets of COPPERHEAD hard day at work

We'll look forward to catching up with Mr. Campbell when he's back on the East Coast next month for the launch of his schooner and look forward to seeing COPPERHEAD when it hits theatres next year.

Congratulations to the cast and crew! SABS

@WOCampbell COPPERHEAD tweeted june19 - 2012SABS Previous Posts on COPPERHEAD

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SABS Sea it to believe it...

Kings Landing Historical Settlement was the perfect backdrop for COPPERHEAD and now that it's open for the season you can check out this beautiful spot for yourself.


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