TIM CHAISSON Talks Touring

Posted: March 5, 2012

If you haven't yet - you must see Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold perform live – they are amazing!!! And if you have caught them in concert - I'm sure you're anxious for the next time.

Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold

I first saw them last year in their home province of Prince Edward Island… once as a full band including Tian Wigmore, Brien McCarthy and Nat Lamoureux, and another show with just Tim solo and both gigs were great – straight up stellar!

They’ve toured a lot between then and now – even scored the Music PEI/Spincount Touring Artist of the Year Award – wowing crowds from coast to coast and down under too.

So when @TimChaisson tweeted the link to the above video last week it gave me an idea. Appropriately titled “Random Tour Occurrences” it features snippets of life on the road over the last couple of tours for the group.

What the video lacks in production – it more than makes up for in scope as we get to see everything from  backstage bike riding to driving delimas - heat, speed and engine related…it’s all in there and then some.

Broken Hearted Beat - video shoot Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold

Even a smattering of behind the scenes from their music video shoots and songwriting session with Gordie Sampson in Nashville.  So cool!

Armed with this visual aid, I thought the timing was great to gleam the real scoop about life on the road from Tim himself - so what follows is his take on touring... the good, the bad and the advice he has for those that follow in his footsteps… or in this case tire tracks.

SABS: What's the best part of touring?

TIM CHAISSON: I’d say the best part of touring is being on stage every night. Hard to beat it!

SABS:  What's the worst part of touring?

TIM CHAISSON: The worst part of touring would be the late nights and early morning drives… It seems to happen a lot 😉 Wears on ya!

Tim Chaisson

SABS:  Where do you stand on 'road snacks'?

TIM CHAISSON: I consider myself a fairly healthy fella so I try to pack lunches as much as possible – grocery store stops and a little cooler are essential. Gas station snacks don’t cut it for me anymore… If I could pick one thing though, it’d be the Big Stop banana bread 🙂

SABS:  What's the one piece of advice you'd give a band before they hit the road by van?

TIM CHAISSON: Don’t expect everything to go smooth! Be prepared for bumps on the road. Best advice – take a deep breath and look at all the positives, things could be a lot worse! Also... Get CAA!


SABS Last Note...Tim Takes off Again…

Tim’s off to Toronto this week (March 7 - 14) to work with Colin Linden (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings) who will be producing his record at The Woodshed (Blue Rodeo’s studio).  Can’t wait to hear the new music they make!  Stand by for more details on that project.  PLEASE NOTE - because Tim records as an independent artist, he has a page on INDIE-GOGO in an effort to raise funds for the album - click here to find out how you can contribute.

The Woodshed & Colin Linden

For more SABS stuff with Tim Chaisson check out Going Global, The Real Deal, INsights IN 10, Tim's Cool People Profile and an acoustic performance with Tim and NS artist Kim Wempe performing "Souris River Girl"

For everything else including future tour dates visit www.timchaisson.com

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