DARK SKY PRESERVES in the Picture Province

Updated: August 7, 2012

Plan your trip and join in the Fundy Fun...

From August 24 through to August 26 there will be a Star Gazing Party in celebration on the Fundy Dark Sky Preserve - view the wonders of the night sky surrounded by all that New Brunswick beauty.


Posted: March 11, 2012

“Take time to smell the roses” is sound advice for sure – but I’ve always appreciated the counsel of ‘taking in a night sky’.

Canada’s East Coast offers some fantastic views – and that includes skyward. Just look up on a clear night in rural Atlantic Canada and you’ll be amazed.

Mount Carleton Provincial ParkStill, as the world’s populations grow and cities develop the stars are beginning to blur with the lights below – that’s why the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s (RASC) Dark Sky Preserve Program is such an important one.

“For twelve years the RASC’s Dark-sky Preserve (DSP) Program has been increasing public awareness of the beauty of the night sky and the negative environmental impact of artificial light at night. DSP’s are areas with exceptionally dark skies accessible to the general public. The lighting protocol for DSP’s restricts the illumination level and its extent, duration and colour to minimize its impact on the appearance of the night sky and the behaviour of wildlife. The DSP status will preserve the natural state of the region for the health and vitality of flora and fauna and for the enjoyment of the public.” Source

Dark Sky Preserve DesignationWe congratulate the newest member of the Dark Sky Preserve Program - Fundy National Park.  The Park has begun to upgrade all of exterior lighting and the entire Park will be dark sky compliant by 2013. But the celebrations will begin this summer with a special Star Gazing Party - stay tuned for the news on that.

This designation makes Fundy National Park the 14th member of the Dark Sky Preserve Program in Canada joining two other New Brunswick parks already designated DSP - Kouchibouguac National Park and Mount Carleton Provincial Park together with Irving Nature Park in Saint John which has been designated an Urban Star Park.  No question the Picture Province is picture perfect for star gazing! SABS

night sky hubbleFor more info on Dark Sky Preserves click here

For more info on the NB parks mentioned above - just click on their name... Kouchibouguac National Park, Mount Carleton, Irving Nature Park

Are you an East Coast based star gazer?

If you'd care to share, would love you to leave a comment as to your favourite spots for seeing the stars!

Hubble ACS-WFPC2 Image of Globular Cluster M13  stars onlySABS SUPER COOL SITE SITING...

If you go to the Hubble Site (www.hubblesite.org) and check out the "Tonight's Sky" pages - you'll know what you should be looking for...soooooo great!!!

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