KERRI MacDONALD Guide ‘Round The Republic

Posted: February 8, 2012

Kerri MacDonaldIt’s no secret...

I am a HUGE fan of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE – so right away I knew Kerri MacDonald and I were going to be fast friends.  After all this is the author of "The Definitive Guide to Doyle: Seasons One & Two" – and as it turns out she’s somewhat of a tour guide too.

When she agreed to the interview I was grateful, but then to have it be right there on the set… leaning on the Doyle & Doyle desks…I mean come on!!!  I was over the moon.

Republic of Doyle stills ctsy CBC & Take the Shot ProductionsTrue, Season 3 had been wrapped for a while and we were alone in the giant St.John’s studio, but I’m here to tell you...

I investigated that interrogation room...

I lingered in that living room…

I stood in Jake Doyle’s kitchen and I LOVED it!

I loved talking with Kerri too – about being a first time author of this truly cool book, about the great cultural aspects of her home province and about the amazing cast and crew that work together in 'Doyle World'.

It was easy to see the Middle Cove, NL girl has found her home there and I was so happy to have been invited over for a wee chat! SABS

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