KEITH MULLINS on “Kijiji Christmas”

Posted: December 13, 2011

Keith Mullins - Kijiji ChristmasJust when you think you've got a fella figured out!  I mean - I knew I could count on Sydney, NS born singer songwriter Keith Mullins for great music - but shopping tips?!

Actually, Keith has combined the two in a very cool new tune entitled............. "Kijiji Christmas".

Since I love a great song (and a great deal) just as much as the next girl...I decided to get the scoop from the man himself on his hot new hit.

What follows is our Q&A, as they say, with Keith Mullins...

SABS: Well, alright Mr. Mullins – let’s start with the obvious question …are you a regular Kijiji shopper?

Keith Mullins: Yes we are avid Kijiji shoppers, especially with the farm and all (localmotive farm),  My wife Jody and I are somewhat of Kijiji addicts.

SABS: Ever picked up any really sweet deals?

Keith Mullins: Just bought a dryer two days ago in Truro.  Only a few years old, 60 bucks!  Works great!

SABS: Okay, back to the music - the song rocks and your voice is killer - as per usual! Where did you get the idea for the song?

Keith Mullins: I got the idea for the song last Christmas.  We have two boys, now their ages are 1 1/2 and 3 1/2.  We were chatting quite a bit about how we wanted to approach Christmas.  We knew that if we started the habit of spending money way out of our budget, then the kids would become accustomed to it and expect it.  We wanted them to have a great Christmas but didn't like the craziness of Christmas consumerism.

Stephen BowersThat's when we thought of using Kijiji as a way to have fun at Christmas, all the while helping our pocketbook, and helping the environment by re-using.

I had the song mapped out when I brought it to my best bud/brother- in-law/brilliant songwriter Steven Bowers for some Christmas song pruning.  I ended up getting a Thomas the train table($40) a brand new bike for $10 and a few other things.  To buy those new would've been over $400, and of course I got a song out of it too, Kijiji Christmas.

SABS: Already the buzz on it has been huge - what does Kijiji think of the whole thing?

Keith Mullins: Yeah thanks, CBC-TV is on there way out now to do some shooting.  Stephen Cooke from the Herald tweeted about it at MNS week which I think was the thing that started to get the ball rolling for the song.  Kijiji say they're super excited about the song. They tweeted about it 5 times last week.  I think they're sending me some Facebook love next week.  They have around 60,000 followers on Facebook, The song has received about a 1000 plays on my ReverbNation account since last week and Kijiji say they want to do whatever they can to help get the song out there which is pretty cool.

SABS: Before I let you go - what's up for the New Year? Anything in the works for 2012?

Keith Mullins performingKeith Mullins: New Years I'll be playing drums with a salsa band at Pipa in Halifax.  I've got a singer songwriter tour coming up with Christina Martin, Steven Bowers, and Dale Murray in the new year.  We'll be playing theatres throughout the Maritimes and tying in some songwriting workshops in local schools.  So far we've booked King's theatre, Chester Playhouse, The Marigold, Glasgow Square,  and a bunch of others are in the works.  I'll also be opening for and playing drums for Christina Martin on her new CD release tour in the Spring, and I've got another youth song project creation CD booked with The Marigold Theatre in Truro this summer.  Keeps me busy anyway.

SABS: Well, we think you're awesome 'round here and hope this song is huge for ya - Merry Christmas to you and yours Keith!

Keith Mullins: Merry Christmas to you Stephanie and thanks to Sea and be Scene for your continued support

Kijiji Christmas - Keith MullinsYou can download a copy of Keith's "Kijiji Christmas" by clicking here

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  1. keith we wrote about you in school remember the girl that came up to play the bongos in the pink shirt. we did a practice letter for the when you came to the gym at greenfield elementary we loved your song kijiji christmas song in a few weeks when i take my bottles back .i am going to write a letter for you to fead in the news paper . i love your song kijiji christmas song can you write a copy love morgan

    Comment by morgan — February 17, 2012 @ 2:55 pm

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