John Grass – At Home Here in New Brunswick

AKA: Bam Bam

Occupation: Owner Operator “The Grass Home Ltd”, a 24 bed Special Care Home for Senior Ladies… PLUS – Week #3 Winner on RECIPE TO RICHES

Place of Birth: Fredericton, NB

Currently Resides: Upper Coverdale, NB

Where’s your favourite place in New Brunswick to grab a coffee?

The Tim Hortons outlet at the Your Stop Convenience in Riverview. I can walk my 2 golden retrievers there and have my coffee too!!

Where’s your favourite place in New Brunswick to grab a pint?

The sidewalk bar area just outside the Olde Triangle in Moncton on a hot and sunny Friday afternoon

Where’s your favourite place to shop in New Brunswick?

For groceries I love the Riverview Market Superstore and for clothing it has to be a combination of Eddie Bauer and Zachary Samuels

Where in New Brunswick would we stand to see your favourite view?

Simple is as simple does….I love the view in my backyard. I have a very private and well landscaped area that makes me feel like I’m on vacation when I’m there

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit New Brunswick:

1. Go to Alma to have the best lobster and watch the world’s highest tides of the Bay of Fundy

2.Go to the Homestead Restaurant for homemade pie….mmmmm pie!

3.Take the whole family to Kings Landing to get a real appreciation of how things used to be done

What makes New Brunswick such a special place on earth for you?

It has to be the people. We have the ‘Maritimers’ who are hard-working, honest, sincere and generous. Brings to mind the 9-11 disaster and how the people responded to help strangers in need. Maritimers do this kind of thing every day and I am very proud to be one!!

You can find out more about John's business by visiting the website


SABS Note of Noteworthiness

Riverview Superstore the day the PC Chicken Grenades were first available there (Nov. 3,the day after his episode aired).As noted above John was the WINNER in week 3 of RECIPE TO RICHES.

His PC Chicken Grenades were deemed the best appetizers and are now in stores for you to enjoy!  Because of the victory John's in the running for $250,000 - that's COOL!

For more info on the show click here

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