TWEET DREAMS!!! Late Night News from Russell Crowe

Posted: August 1, 2011 time 3:53am ADT

So I'm always getting a hard time from just about everybody I know about how little sleep I get - but tonight my friends and family - colleagues and countryman and/or women.....tonight it paid see...

I was updating a few features for the site - when I noticed a re-tweet by none other than Mr. Russell you know I'm following him on Twitter at @russellcrowe, as are close to a quarter of a million other folks - BUT most of them are sleeping right now so only myself and a few other night owls can tell you what happened next....wOOt wOOt!!!!

Have a look...

tweet deck with Russell Crowe

OH YEAH!!! So in addition to two sold out shows with Alan Doyle and friends, and their Crowe/Doyle Songbook Volume III dropping on Tuesday - he'll be rockin' the Republic of Doyle.

Sweet mercy - but this is a big week.  I'm on a plane to St.John's tomorrow morning - can't imagine any place cooler to be!!!! And I get to see my folks so there's that too - cool & lovely! SABS

To hear a preview track of the first track from their project "Too Far Gone" click here

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RUSSELL’S RETURN? How TWEET it would be!


  1. What a lucky so and so!!!!! When can I work for you? Do you want your own personal photographer?
    Have fun!!!

    Comment by Pam Samson — August 1, 2011 @ 8:18 am

  2. There was at least 2 of us up who saw that happen live. 🙂

    For once working midnight on a long weekend was fun..... well for a few minutes anyway. Then it got quiet again. ha ha. Still was cool to see him tell that out to you in middle of the night.

    Comment by Rob C. — August 1, 2011 @ 10:04 am

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