Teresa Doyle – You’re My Cup of Tea

There's a quote I've always embraced.  It's source remains anonymous, so I can't credit anyone for it - but whoever they are got it right when they said...

 "there is no such thing as chance and what seems to us the merest coincidence springs from the deepest source of destiny"

...all that to say - I was destined to visit this magical place called Rock Barra Retreat and hear Teresa Doyle sing there.  The story goes like this - I was driving into Halifax 2 days before my first trip to PEI for SABS - I was scanning the radio for something good and stopped on a jazzy tune.  "That was You're My Cup of Tea by Teresa Doyle" said the announcer - having just played it by request for two ladies in Charlottetown who loved tea and the local singer too.  Well - I thought - I love tea - I love that song and I'm on my way to PEI...I've gotta meet this Teresa Doyle.  So after 2 desperate emails - she called and invited me to her private retreat.  Fate takes a hand and leads me to a beautiful place called Rock Barra, Prince Edward Island, and scores me a private concert to boot...ain't life grand! SABS

Be sure to check out our full feature interview Teresa Doyle's Rock Barra Retreat

For all things Teresa Doyle including how you can take part in some of her awesome workshops - visit www.teresadoyle.com

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