Sea and be SCENE of the Day – JUNE 2011

Have a look at the four Atlantic Provinces as shared with us during the month of June... 

June 1, 2011

This scene was captured just outside Falmouth, Nova Scotia - on a wonderful drive down the "Old Windsor Road".

It seemed like everybody was thrilled to the sunshine.  This lovely horse was galloping around the acreage and then, when I stopped to take the picture, headed my way to greet me - they sure are friendly 'round Falmouth

June 2, 2011

This scene is simply magnificent.  Captured by Melinda Boland- a lifetime resident of Newfoundland & Labrador and our shooter when we're in the province.

Like us - the beauty of the sea and the breathtaking scenery that surround us here in the Atlantic Provinces is something she never takes for granted.

Be sure to get out this summer and take it all in and if you've never been to this part of the world - well - what are you waiting for?!


June 3, 2011

This scene combines two of our favourite things - LOBSTER & THE BOSTON RED SOX! (Three if you count our affinity for men of the sea)

Thanks to Eric Wagner and the Lobster Guys from Prince Edward Island for sharing this great shot of their team at work. We sure are grateful for efforts.  Yum!

June 4, 2011

This scene was captured by Jennie Greencorn and is part of her photo essay Water & Light.

Taken on an early walk around Canso, Nova Scotia - Jennie gives you a glimpse of the beauty that will surround you at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival.

Less than a month away - best start planning to take it all in.  Click here for the scoop on the 15th Annual Stanfest

June 5, 2011

This scene has, at it's focus, that wonder of nature that's never lost on the dreamer.

This lovely rainbow was captured over Holyrood Harbour, NL - which seems, at times, to have it's own weather system.  No doubt that's the ocean and the air meeting somewhere 'up there'.  How wonderful when this is the result!

June 6th

This scene was sent in by Avril Brown who, despite the overcast skies this past Saturday, enjoyed every minute of the Halifax Public Gardens.  We have a feeling that being with her granddaughter Lauren had lots to do with that delight.

We're so pleased to have met Avril on Twitter she's (@prepit) - as we're kindred spirits for sure.  Her business is getting homes ready for sale, so she found us through our Real Estate Sampler and of course we both love the Altantic Provinces so there's that.

Thanks so much for sharing the shot Avril - we're grateful to you!!!

June 7, 2011

Well...the MLB has the Boys of Summer and, NB has the Girls of Summer...and here they are!

Taking fun in the sun to a whole other level on the 'Green' inFredericton, the tree climbers are Megan Lannan, Kathleen Marcotte, Morgan Faulkner and Natalie Pozer.

Thanks to all of you ladies for sharing the shot - you're right sweet!

June 8, 2011

This scene was captured just this morning on Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia.  A perfect spot to celebrate WORLD OCEAN DAY.

Surrounded by shimmering waters, we in the Atlantic Provinces are truly blessed with it's beauty.

There are so many events going on in Newfoundland& Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, right here Nova Scotia and across Canada too.  Be sure to check out what's going on in your area by clicking on the event list....

And if you are fortunate enough to be close to the ocean today - stop to feel the breeze, smell the salt air, listen to the waves and marvel in the wonder.

June 9th, 2011

This lovely scene comes courtesy of gifted artist and photographer Kim Vallis Madden - she wrote this about the picture...

This is..."The view of the Mira River from my family’s bungalow.  I’ve spent so many memorable summers there. Although I have seen lots of beautiful places in Nova Scotia this one will always hold a special place in my heart."

Be sure to check out Kim's Cool People Profile and take some time to make some memories of your own this summer!

June 10, 2011

This scene will have you pausing to reflect.

Always witha keen eye for catching a cool view our friend Tim Harris has done it again.

This reflective photo was captured just a few days ago - at the Tancook Ferry Wharf  in Chester, Nova Scotia. Wonderful indeed!

If you'd like to see some of Tim's shots from the top of the world check out his story 36 Hours on Mount Kilimanjaro

June 11, 2011

This scene captures a beautiful springtime day in Prince Edward Island and this picture features the quintessential crop!

These rows and rows of famous spuds are growing near Wood Islands, close to where the ferry lands.

Our thanks to PEI resident and SABS supporter Brian Watts - who has once again delivered a beauty of a scene!

June 12, 2011

This scene celebrates the centuries old craft & past time of knitting.  Captured yesterday - on World Wide Knit in Public Day - these lovely ladies were doing their thing in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Blessed with a sunny day - they set up their demonstration at a truly sweet spot - The Biscuit Eater.  Propelled by lattes and yummy treats - now that's a happening scene!

June 13, 2011

This scene is one of our favourites! Courtesy of the bride - Jennifer Campbell-Nutbrown as part of her wedding story here on Sea and be Scene.

In "Home for Our Wedding" Jennifer shares all the lovely details of her special day and her affinity for her beloved Prince Edward Island.  Click here to read the article and see more of her wedding photos.

June 14, 2011

This scene captures the view from one of the historic farmsteads in Kingsburg, Nova Scotia.  Those sparkling views of Kings Bay can't be beat.

The peninsula features two large beaches, Hirtle's Beach and Kingsburg Beach,and Gaff Point hiking trails. Kingsburg also has five popular swimming ponds.

Thanks to Judith Varney Burch for this beautiful scene...for more info on her fabulous farmstead click here.

June 15, 2011

This scene looks just like a shot you'd see on a billboard or in a TV commercial - but then you'd expect nothing less from award winning producer and journalist Donna Leon.

Her show A World of Wonders takes her all over the planet, but as you'll read about in her photo essay "Home of My Heart"- her favourite place on earth is her beloved Cape Breton Island.

June 16, 2011

This scene came as a gift - this beautiful picture of the boardwalk in Inverness, Nova Scotia was taken by photographer Claire Pothier.

We met Claire at the Inverness Village Market - a great discovery made when we were in the neighbourhood for Celtic Colours last fall.  They've just re-opened for the season so if you're handy - we highly recommend it - check out our feature on the great spot.

And for a musical version of this same scene - you might want to check out a post we did for Remembrance's a much colder version than the scene above but the beauty is unmistakable.


June 17, 2011

This scene captures one of the more 30 venues playing host to the over 50 shows in this year's Festival of Small Halls on Prince Edward Island.  Our thanks to Shannon Pratt for the cool shot.

Stanley Bridge Hall aka The Sterling Women's Institute Hall in Stanley Bridge features live, local entertainment five nights a week during the summer season, including ceilidhs, variety concerts and musical performances.

For the next 10 days it will be the site of some fabulous festival talent.  Be sure to check out our feature interview with the Director of the Festival of Small Halls Steve Horne - click here to view

June 18, 2011

Well...let's just say this scene is one we at SABS enjoy as often as possible during summer season.

Taken from the deck of  The Rope Loft in Chester, Nova Scotia - it's the perfect spot to grab a cool beverage and a great view of the boats on the water.  You can see the ferry for Tancook Island from there too.

You may just remember this scene as it was the vantage point captured during our interview with Singer Songwriter Dean Brody (it's one of his favourite spots too). Check out Dockside with Dean Brody for the full story.

We feel more relaxed just looking at this picture - maybe we'll see you there this summer!


June 19, 2011

This scene was captured on the docks of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on a lovely sunny summer day.

Sent to us by Jennifer Silvester - her daughter Maddie looking out into the harbour and in the distance you can see the rolling hills of the famed Bluenose Golf Course.

Can't ya just feel the ocean breeze.  Thanks for sharing the shot Jennifer - it's just lovely!


June 20, 2011

This scene celebrates INTERNATIONAL SURFING DAY!!!

This shot comes courtesy of someone who knows the waves of our great Atlantic Ocean better than most - co-founder and owner of One Life Surf School - Caralee Murphy.

Doug Colson took this picture of one of the surf camp instructors - riding the tides of Nova Scotia's Lawrencetown Beach.

If you check out their website - you'll see it says "WE INSTRUCT EVERYONE" now we've got ourselves a plan for this summer!  Hope to see you out there.


June 21, 2011

This scene is an awesome one.  The magnificent whales are a sight to see off the coast of Newfoundland & Labrador

Thousands andthousands of folks take to the water in hopes of catching a glimpse.   This shot was captured by our friend Melinda Boland during a cruise of Witless Bay.

Just spectacular - thanks Ms. B!


June 22, 2011

This scene captures one of Canada's National Historic Sites.

Designated as such in 1995 - Dalvay By the Sea in Prince Edward Island National Park has always been such a majestic site - and just yesterday was confirmed to be one of the special stops to be made by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

A much photographed spot - this shot comes courtesy of our good friend Brian Watts who like so many on the Gentle Island are very much looking forward to the Royal Visit, now less than 2 weeks away.

Check out the complete itinerary for their visit to Prince Edward Island on our site and hit the Official Royal Tour site to see what they will be doing throughout Canada.

For more information on Dalvay By the Sea visit


June 23, 2011

This scene includes my favourite beach buddy at one of our favourite beaches in Nova Scotia.

Travel on route 331 just past LaHave towards Petite Riviere and you'll come to Rissers Beach Park...and oh what a beach!!!

We just use it for day visits, but there's camping too.  And if you take your sand play seriously  - you should sign up for the 11th Annual Sand Castle Competition - July 16th.Visit for the scoop on that.

Oh and for the record we never pass LaHave without stopping in the famous LaHave Bakery - slice of pizza, great sandwiches - super for taking to the beach or for the ride home after a great day of fun in the sun!


June 24, 2011

If you're loopy for Lupins like we are - it's one you're going to love this SCENE.

Everywhere you look around the Atlantic Provinces you'll see splashes of colour thanks to these plants - in gardens, along the roadside - the Lupins are blooming big time.

We share our affinity for the flower with The Blooming Writer herself, the perennially compulsive gardener from St. John's, NL Jodi DeLong - who writes in her book Plants for Atlantic Gardens "I've been fond of these plants since I was a child, as they were one of my maternal grandmother's favourite plants"

Jodi explains they do so well in spring and early summer because they don't like hot weather...they may even re-bloom again in early autumn. Sweet!


June 25, 2011

This picture was one taken last year on this very day - FENCE DAY in Canso, Nova Scotia.

As we post the Stanfest team, together with local volunteers, are putting up over 10 kilometres of snow fence - along with 40 tents big and small - all in preparation for next weekend's incredible festival. July 1 -3, 2011

As a reward for their efforts -- the Canso Lions Club will be treating the group to their famous and tasty fish & chips! Nice!!!

For more on the Stan Rogers Folks Festival click here.


June 26, 2011

This scene includes two famous faces at one very historical place.

The fella in the shades is none other than Paradise, NL native and Republic of Doyle star Mark O'Brien along side his sweetheart British born actress Georgina Reilly.

Taken a top of a sunny Signal Hill along the Lookout Trail - a MUST DO when you're in Newfoundland & Labrador. It's hard to say for sure how many folks have had their picture taken up there - but these two are among the cutest.

Mark's in the midst of shooting the movie Beat Down inSt.John's, and from all reports excited to be heading back to the set of R of D next month.  Fans of the show will remember Ms. Reilly spent some time in the Republic last season as Cindy the 'shockingly' crazy office assistant in episode 207 "Crashing on the Couch". She's headed back to the big screen later this year with two movies set for release Stag and Eddie....

We're grateful to you both for sharing this "scene" from your day with us. THANKS!

For more information on historic Signal Hill click here


June 27, 2011

Breakfast is served!

The gulls move pretty quickly 'round the Atlantic Provinces - so mind your fish & chips and your picnic fare.  This one scored his own feast from the sea on Queensland Beach in Nova Scotia.

We figure he's either hungry or symbolically displaying his enthusiasm that Chef Curtis Stone will be appearing at PEI's International Shellfish Festival....maybe both!

Thanks to Kelley Edwards for another great scene!




June 28, 2011

This scene was captured on a drive by Nova Scotia's East River Picnic Park.

On a perfect blue sky summer day like this it's the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch - relax and take it all it.  While this park along old Highway #3  might be one of the smallest parks we've seen - it sure is BIG on scenery!

Parks Canada is celebrating their 100th birthday this year - be sure to get out and enjoy a park near you this summer - oh and bring your camera to capture the SCENE for us please!!!

Click here for all the Parks Canada Centennial Celebrations.


June 29, 2011

This picture captures one of those 'take your breath away moments' that life on the Atlantic Coast brings you.

The sun just starting to rise on the north side of Prince Edward Island is a lovely perk for those lobster fisherman who work so hard for the haul.

We're grateful for their efforts and grateful as well to Brian Watts who once again has wowed us with a spectacular scene!

June 30, 2011

This scene was captured by Gail Antle Benner.  She and her husband Erick were visiting the lighthouse at Cape Bear onPrince Edward Island and caught this family enjoying the scenery too.

Like most everyone on the Gentle Island these two are most likely on the Royal Watch - now just days away!

Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Benner glad to have you back in the Atlantic Provinces.

Note: The lighthouse at Cape Bear, PEI was the first lighthouse to receive the distress signal from the Titanic. For more information on all the Prince Edward Island lighthouses click here.


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