RUSSELL WILL RETURN for an Indoor Garden Party

Update: June 30, 2011 20:14

@RussellCrowe just tweeted that - Tickets for the August 3rd & 4th shows go on sale July 8th. Still nothing on the LSPU Hall Twitter. LOVE The Whole Garden Party thing....rumours of Scott Grimes doing multiple dance numbers are still unconfirmed. SABS


Posted: June 30, 2011 19:58

The mystery is solved - just caught this on Twitter...

Russell Crowe - Avatar@russellcrowe - Indoor garden Party, Crowe/Doyle songbook Aug 3&4 LSPU Hall, St.John's NFLD. Guests Danielle Spencer,Scott Grimes,Kevin Durand & Size2Shoes stamped June 30 19:25



Russell Crowe - Avatar@russellcrowe - fyi @alanthomasdoyle and i will be singing tunes and telling stories from the crowe/Doyle songbook LSPU Hall Aug 3 & 4 with special guests stamped June 30 19:32

then again....

Russell Crowe - Avatar@russellcrowe - will let u know when tickets go on sale for the crowe/doyle indoor garden party,St.John's aug 3&4 at the LSPU hall so will @alanthomasdoyle stamped June 30 19:54



 garden party guests - Danielle Spencer, Kevin Durand, Size2Shoes, Scott GrimesThe LSPU Hall website currently has no concert listed - so this is as they say in the news game - BREAKING NEWS

We'll keep you posted on the concert details - can't wait!!! SABS

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