RUSSELL’S RETURN? How TWEET it would be!

Posted: June 25, 2011

We once heard an expert say that “Twitter is like the amazon river of the Internet”…that’s a pretty good analogy…a constant stream of random thoughts, mixed with PR messages, fan fawning, re-tweeted pleas, #FF encouragements, and on and on….24/7 it flows. 

But just like any river – every now and again something sticks to the side and builds…ties up the flow of 'random'…so that in the case of twitter, attentions start to turn and focus is given.

And if a person has somewhere in the neighbourhood of a quarter of a million followers - something they float out there in 140 characters or less – has definite ‘sticking potential’

@russellcrowe avatarCase in point Oscar Winning actor Russell Crowe who shall now be referred to as @russellcrowe

What’s that?  Why do we follow him? Uhhhhh he’s Russell Crowe!


@alanthomasdoyle avatarAt any rate – a little over a week ago – there was an exchange between@russellcrowe and Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle (@alanthomasdoyle) about the Newfoundland & Labrador Folk Festival… that caught our attention here at SABS for 3 reasons…


1. We follow @alanthomasdoyle

2. We’re going to the NL Folk Fest @NLFolkFestival

3. If there was a chance that @russellcrowe was going to be there – well THIS IS BIG!!!

Russell Crowe & Alan Doyle at O'Reilley's in St. John's, NLWe know @russellcrowe and @alanthomasdoyle, in addition to appearing on the big screen together, have recorded and played together – maybe it would be a musical reunion – the likes of which Bannerman Park has never seen.  There has never been a ‘final’ talent list released from the Folk Festival Folks – just a mention that there’s more to come….hmmm

Lots of @russellcrowe’s followers questioned the tweet…we just RT’d it – but many fans and a few journalists, who’s “@” shall remain nameless, grabbed onto it and have asked the ever allusive Australian for the scoop.

We too have wondered – what up with that?….then just yesterday another clue was tweeted from @russellcrowe  

“Something is cooking in Newfoundland 3rd & 4th of August,cast of thousands...well,at least 7 ask @alanthomasdoyle”

BUT the NL Folk Fest August 5 – 7th? Hmmmm

Now there was no response from @alanthomasdoyle who we know was travelling from Nashville to Banff yesterday

@allanhawco AvatarHowever, someone who did see the tweet was Jake Doyle himself – that’s right @AllanHawco who tweeted:

Yes by!“@russellcrowe: something is cooking in Newfoundland 3rd & 4th of August,cast of thousands...well,at least 7 ask @alanthomasdoyle”  (tweeted) june 24 19:45

Allan Hawco & Alan Doyle - Republic of DoyleNow we know from reading between the lines of @alanthomasdoyle’s FTR (From the Road) Blog that he’s going to be reprising his Republic of Doyle role Wolf Redmond….so could this mean @russellcrowe will be appearing in that episode too…hmmm  (source)

Yes - maybe that’s it - they’ll appear on an episode of Republic of Doyle together 'that would be Gr8'

OR…and this is something we just thought of…the biggest event in NL on August 3rd is the

Royal St. John’s Regatta

There are 7 men on a crew…6 plus the 1 coxswain

He did tweet “cast of…7”

Hmmmmm…not sure…but rest assured we’ll go with the ‘flow’ and see where this leads.

The CREWBut since it's top of mind we just wanted to float out our idea for a the motley crew THE Dream Team 

1. Russell Crowe @russellcrowe

2 Alan Doyle @alanthomasdoyle

3. Allan Hawco @allanhawco

4. Mark Critch @markcritch

5. Rick Mercer @rickmercer

6. Todd Perrin @toddperrin

And as Coxswain – young Mark O’Brien @markobrienNL or perhaps Former Premiere Danny Williams (not on Twitter – so we feel safe putting his name down here…really, how will he ever know?)

Let us know what you think of our theory and who you’d put in the boat if the hunch proves true. SABS

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  1. Sorry, but the only way this crew could win is if the opposition was laughing so hard it prevented them from rowing.

    Comment by Jack Swinimer — June 25, 2011 @ 6:26 pm

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