Bitter Sweet Tweet Ends “CROWE TO ROW” Theory

Posted: June 29, 2011

This past Saturday, June 25th we posted an article that has sparked some interest…for couple of reasons

  1. It was about Russell Crowe
  2. It involved the rumoured visit of Russell Crowe to St. John’s, NL this summer

Entitled “Russell’s Return?  How Tweet it Would Be” was, more than anything, meant to be an enjoyable look at how one or two tweets can create a deluge of opinions, hundreds of theories and in this case a  hypothesized itinerary

Yes, we did our best to piece together - from the trail of trivial tweets – the travel plans of the Oscar Winning actor.  Questioning the NL Folk Festival rumours due to dates he noted, and siting the potential for a guest starring role on Republic of Doyle – and then finally floating the idea of his participation in the Royal St. John’s Regatta. 

The CrewAt which point we took the liberty of putting together the crew/Dream Team for the boat with Captain Jack Aubrey Russell Crowe aboard - of course! Remaining members included Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle(@alanthomasdoyle), R of D Star Allan Hawco  (@allanhawco), Comedian Mark Critch (@markcritch), Comedian Rick Mercer (@rickmercer), Canada's Top Chef star Todd Perrin (@toddperrin),

and for the coxswain either R of D's Mark O'Brien (@markobrienNL) or Former Premier Danny Williams (currently twitterless)


Naturally we tested the 'waters' with our theory tweeting the following...

Sea and be Scene Avatar@seaandbescene -@russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @allanhawco @markcritch @toddperrin @rickmercer @markobrienNL Any chance we're right???


This was swiftly replied to by a few ‘Team’ tweets…

Allan Hawco Avatar@allanhawco - lol! What a regatta team.@SeaAndBeScene @russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @markcritch @toddperrin @rickmercer @markobriennl Sat.June 25


Todd Perrin Avatar@toddperrin - Not too many rowers. Lots of cox @allanhawco @SeaAndBeScene @russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @markcritch @toddperrin @rickmercer Sat.June 25


mark o'brien nl avatar@markobrienNL -@SeaAndBeScene @russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @allanhawco @markcritch @toddperrin @rickmercer it would be an honor  Sat.June 25


mark o'brien nl avatar@markobrienNL -@SeaAndBeScene @russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @allanhawco @markcritch @toddperrin @rickmercer wait, coxswain kinda just hangs out right?


March Critch Avatar@markcritch -@SeaAndBeScene @russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @allanhawco @toddperrin @rickmercer @markobrienNL slowest moving shell ever!


March Critch Avatar@markcritch -@allanhawco @SeaAndBeScene @russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @toddperrin @rickmercer @markobriennl can we get an out board motor?


Todd Perrin Avatar@toddperrin -@markcritch @allanhawco @SeaAndBeScene @russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle @rickmercer @markobriennl She'd still keep veering to the beer tent


So, great responses from the fellas but you’ll note 3 crew members had yet to comment - and that kept us wondering.

Crowe, Doyle, Mercer & WilliamsDays go by and folks RT the piece, we keep putting it out there and still no response from @rickmercer, @alanthomasdoyle or @russellcrowe (or Mr. Williams for that matter,  but again for the record, he doesn’t tweet and we figure he’s been busy with the whole hockey thing).  We did, however, get an “interesting” from the NL Folk Festival quickly followed by an email reissuing their already released disclaimer to the rumour… BUT then just yesterday…finally…word from the man…

See...we were provoked to again probe, following another ‘exercise’ centred tweet of which there have been a lot lately - leading to the thought that some sort of 'training' is going on…

Russell Crowe Avatar@russellcrowe - 30 minute walk, body movement 70 mins, 33 km bike ride Tues. June 28th 19:14


and we couldn’t resist…so we tweeted

Sea and be Scene Avatar@seaandbescene - Does this training have to do with our theory???  @russellcrowe: 30 minute walk, body movement 70 mins, 33 km bike ride Tues. June 28th 19:14

And then it happened….some 3 hours later we received the bitter-tweet blow to the stern…

Russell Crowe Avatar@russellcrowe -@SeaAndBeScene No,Stephanie, it does not Tues June 28th 22:38


So, where does that leave our “Crowe to Row” theory…well as they say ‘round the region…"De arse is outta ‘er"

So what we do now is….What’s that you ask?…What’s with the use of the word “sweet” in the title…what’s so sweet about this latest revelation?

Uh – Russell Crowe tweeted me! He even used my name!!!

How tweet it is. SABS


SABS Tracking the Rumour to the Twitter-end

As of June 29, 2011

Russell Crowe Returns status as of June 29, 2011


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