Tim Chaisson – The REAL Deal

Posted: May 6, 2011

It’s true we did track him down via Facebook, email, twitter – every and all means.  We’ve been looking forward to meeting up with Tim Chaisson ever since they’d announced the ECMA’s would be in his home province of Prince Edward Island.

Tim Chaisson and Morning FoldOne of the first things we did when we arrived in Charlottetown was catch him live with his band Morning Fold at Peakes Quay and my goodness but they can play. 

We saw him perform again on the Saturday just him and a guitar – but those were just two of many many shows he did that weekend – solo, full band, guest player – no foolin’ he was in demand but, as busy as he was, you could tell he was loving every minute of it.

He is, as they say in the business, the real deal.  Born into a musical family, raised on music and has made music his life’s work.  Great player on many instruments, amazing vocals and let’s be clear – truly easy on the eyes….have mercy.  Oh, and while he mentions being ‘uncomfortable’ with some of the acting parts in his ECMA nominated video “Broken Hearted Beat” …we found his entire performance very believable. 

So does that make him a triple threat or a quadruple threat or do you count each instrument separately as a threat?

By any and all accounts he is crazy talented and - as luck would have it – he is incredibly down to earth. Yup - the REAL deal indeed. SABS

Be sure to check out Tim's Cool People Profile

Broken Hearted BeatCatch up to Tim on Twitter @TimChaisson or on line at www.timchaisson.com

Just click on the album cover to see the ECMA nominated video for the title track "Broken Hearted Beat"

For more information on Tim’s favourite thing to do in Prince Edward Island visit www.rollobayfiddlefest.ca

And to check out Peakes Quay you can hit their site at www.peakesquay.com

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