JAMES TUPPER on Grey’s Anatomy – Will He Stay or Will She Go?

Posted: May 11, 2011

When Dartmouth, NS born actor James Tupper appeared in the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy this year we had little doubt he would be back.  Dubbed McTreemy (à la Men in Trees) Tupper’s character Dr. Andrew Perkins was brought to Seattle Grace to help the team recover from the trauma of a crazed gunman.  His skills in grief counselling were questioned by more than one staff member, but his chemistry with Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) was undeniable.

Teddy stay or go - Tupper, Raver, FoleySo no surprise that his character returned to wrap up the season – what remains to be seen is...

 will he stay or will she go?

In last week’s episode titled “White Wedding”

Dr. Perkins made a proposition that has Teddy torn – he wants to stop moving around all the time and settle down in Germany with her – WHAT? 

Ahhhh.... the questions this raises not the least of which is ‘what about her husband’ Henry (Scott Foley).

From a storyline stand point - having her go would bring to a halt the entire thing – all the secretive triangular drama that it offers, so our sense is that’s unlikely.

In an interview with eonline.com Tupper said “I love the show, I really enjoy the show and I love the cast. I think it's just a wonderful show and they're doing great work. There still maintaining a very huge viewership. I have done a lot of projects and as often as I run into someone who recognizes me from something else, I run into someone who is like 'You're on Grey's Anatomy' and I have only been on for seven episodes.” (To bottom line it – he LOVES the show)

As for where talks stand on him returning for Season 8 he replied “We have not discussed anything.”

We know where we stand….STAY! SABS


SABS Season Finale Scoop

Sandra Oh - Grey's AnatomyThe season finale of Grey’s Anatomy will air on Thursday, May 19th  

Series Creator and Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes teases that it'll definitely be an emotionally charged finale that may prove difficult for us to swallow. No gunman that’s been confirmed, none the less Rhimes says "I don't think the end of the season is going to be easy for any of our fans, but I think it's going to be pretty explosive for [the Cristina-Owen ones]."

Sandra Oh - Oh no!!! Can’t wait!!!

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