Dawson City Update: Painted Houses & More

Posted: May 6, 2011

Once we posted our original feature on Painted Houses - we asked the amazing Rozalind MacPhail to drop us a POSTcard from Dawson City.  Leave it to the multi-talented artist of a million mediums to send us so much more!

What follows is her letter - sent to us yesterday.  So nice to hear from you Rozalind - many thanks!!! SABS


Dated: May 5, 2011

sunnydale_rozalind macphailGreetings from the Yukon! : )

I'm having a fantastic time here in Northern Canada.

I performed PAINTED HOUSES at the Dawson City International Short Film Festival which was really well received. The entire town came out to the festival and the audience was filled with excitement as wonderful short films from all over the world were being screened. There were amazing workshops and talks throughout the weekend. We even made a short film during Brenda Longfellow's film making workshop which I composed the music for called, DAWSON IS SINKING. Bombay Peggy's, one of the favourite local pubs (which used to be a brothel) actually had a menu of martinis all named after various festival filmmakers. I was named the PAINTED LADY which made me smile. : )

As soon as the festival was over, there was the ONE MINUTE FILM CHALLENGE. Both emerging and established filmmakers from all over town filmed over 20 Super 8 movies which we hand processed and then I composed the music to within a two and a half day period. I ended up sleeping for 6 hours within a 72 hour period in order to get the job done. Thank goodness for the energizing late-night sun and the magical Northern Lights which came out to dance for me during my nights of composing. It was such a great experience and challenged me to push my creative limits to the max. People were full of curiosity as I wandered around town using a Zoom recorder to record sound samples of ravens, making percussion out of old wood buildings, hitting the metal on trucks and more.

I was truly fortunate to experience life with the locals which was has been a real highlight of my trip.

Rozalind MacPhailMiners took me out to stake a claim on the Bonanza Creek and I ended up making my first music video from the video footage I shot that day. I set the video to music by one of my favourite bands in St. John's, REPARTEE.

You can watch the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtyiIJFT5bI

I was also invited to check out a magical off the grid spot that you can only get to by crossing the ice on the Yukon River called Sunnydale. It was there that I got to take a firewood-heated sauna by candlelight, ate homemade smoked salmon, moose stew and morel mushrooms with Yukon birch syrup, recorded flute with local musicians and more.

It's been an amazing experience! Just as Newfoundlanders are extremely welcoming to their visitors, Dawsonites are much of the same. It felt like my home away from home. : )

And now I rest for the morning in Whitehorse before screening PAINTED HOUSES at the Old Fire Hall tonight. I've never performed in Whitehorse before so I'm really excited about this show. Thanks to the Yukon Arts Society for putting on this event. : )

One week left in the Yukon and I'm already sad to be leaving this magical place. I love St. John's and my home in Newfoundland but with that being said, I really wish the Yukon was a little closer. This place is so inspiring.




For more on the artist visit www.rozalindmacphail.com

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