New Halifax Home for Argyle Fine Art

Posted: March 2, 2011

As the bells were ringing in the New Year – Adriana Afford, NS was setting up in the new digs and setting her sights on an exciting new chapter for her       art gallery - Argyle Fine Art.

Adriana Afford photo credit Brent McCombsNow located on Barrington in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia - the gallery has grabbed a great spot and joined in on the resurgence along this major city street.

With barely a break in the art action between the old place and the new - Adriana wasted no time.  Parties, shows and awesome new artwork on display – there’s always something going on at the gallery...

Case in point – this Friday,March 4th           Yo Rodeo will roll out their incredible 3D creations – you’ve got to see that to believe it. (Check out the video above for visual reference and then get yourself down there).

As Gallery Owner and Director Adriana Afford is busy to say the least – but happy – she’s very happy to be artfully embarking on the future. Adriana we salute you and wish you the very best at your new address!!! SABS


Visit Argyle Fine Art on line at


SABS Shout out for the Visual Support

Mystic Pond by Kim VallisThe amazing artwork used on our home page for this feature was created by artist     Kim Vallis Madden.  Entitled “Mystic Pond” (20” x20”) it was created through mixed media.

Kim Vallis Madden is a mixed media artist that grew up just outside of Louisburg Nova Scotia. In 2006; she completed a BBA degree at Cape Breton University. It was during the final years of her University experience that she realized the value of mixing creativity with her business degree. Shortly after completing her degree she decided to further her technical expertise by completing a graphic design program at NSCC.

Kim Vallis Madden“I have always enjoyed the process of creating things”, says Kim, “it is not work to me.” She draws her inspiration from the beauty she finds in nature and her everyday life. Some of her favourite things to draw inspiration from are: skies, valleys and coastlines as well as the beauty in rusty and derelict old things. She lets what she sees dictate how she will express it.

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