Cynthia MacLeod – At Home Here in PEI

Occupation: Fiddler

Place of Birth:  Charlottetown, PEI

Currently Resides:  Wheatley River, PEI

Whereʼs your favourite place in PEI to grab a coffee?

Iʼm not big into coffee, but for tea or hot chocolate, I love going to LeonhardʼsCafe in downtown Charlottetown.  Itʼs cozy and peaceful, the owners and employees are so friendly, and itʼs just a fantastic atmosphere to hang out with friends.

Whereʼs your favourite place in PEI to grab a pint?

I have two regular haunts in downtown Charlottetown. The Old Triangle is a great spot to listen to traditional music, and I love sitting out on their deck in the middle of the summer. The Olde Dublin Pub is also a great spot to kick back and relax with friends.

Whereʼs your favourite place to shop in PEI?

It depends what Iʼm shopping for! I actually donʼt buy clothes very often on PEI - shopping sprees while on the road are one of the perks of being a touring musician. 😉 For music, Back Alley Music in Charlottetown is a great spot. For food, aside from going to the regular grocery stores, I love going to the Farmers Market in Charlottetown.

Where in PEI would we stand to see your favourite view?

This is a tough one. Anyone whoʼs been to PEI knows how beautiful it is here. The first place that I thought of, though, is New Glasgow. The PEI Preserve Company in New Glasgow has a vast property, and perched on top of a hill overlooking the river and the countryside is a building thatʼs similar to a gazebo. The view from there is absolutely stunning. Thereʼs also a road in Prince County, Route 14, that I absolutely love driving in the summer. It follows the coastline; the views are breathtaking.

Name 3 things weʼve gotta do when we visit PEI:

1. Lobster lobster lobster! Go to the North Rustico wharf and pick up some fresh lobster (I always get ones that are already cooked) and a big bag of mussels. Itʼs the makings of a perfect summer evening, relaxing on the deck with a bunch of friends and family.

2. You canʼt come to PEI and not do something involving water. Iʼm not a big beach person, but my favourite ones have to be Basin Head and Panmure Island. Thereʼs a ton of places around the island as well where you can rent jetskis or kayaks.

3. Brackley Beach Ceilidhs! 😉 Okay, I couldnʼt leave out the copious amounts of live music available on PEI, and the Brackley Beach Ceilidhs do hold a special place in my heart... Weʼre going into our eighth season this summer, and each show is always a genuinely fantastic time for everyone, with lots of east coast music and stepdancing.

What makes Prince Edward Island such a special place on earth for you?

When I was answering these questions, especially talking about the different places I like to go, I was thinking to myself how lucky I am to be able to live in such a friendly, easy-going place. Itʼs gorgeous here; not only in the summer, but even now, as Iʼm looking out my window at massive amounts of snow. It was the perfect place to grow up. And even though I get antsy to get on the road touring, itʼs always great to get back home.

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