EEEEK CMA Contest – the Winner Is…

12:36 am ADT October 31st 2010 quote more than a few of you “it was tricky” – there are a few other remarks we can’t quote here as it wouldn’t be proper - but suffice it to say – you had to work for this Halloween Treat.  Our EEEEEK CMA Musical Monster – was comprised of the facial features of FIVE (5) really big East Coast Music Association Artists.

At the first going off when the responses started coming in and none were correct we started to worry so we posted the answers within the site...some of you found them...others...well...some of you gave artist names that weren’t even from this continent – but we appreciate your spirit and your willingness to play.  Here are the FIVE clues that we planted within the site...circled are those facial features used

Rita MacNeil Clue - Hair

Joel Plaskett clue - left eye


Ashley MacIsaac Clue - Right Eye

Anne Murray Clue - mouth

Congratulations to you Mr. Perry...and thanks to everyone who played!

Stay tuned for our next fun contest – just in time for the Holidays!!!

Contest Rules and Regulations

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