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I have my mother to thank for this love of antiques.  While I’ll never be able to negotiate a price like she can – I did inherit her ability to spot a bargain, and so I did - at three area Chester, NS area antique dealers.  All of them carry an incredible selection – and just browsing is fun, but nothing beats that feeling of the find.

Part 1 – Dis-Mantling History (pictures in album above)

I had seen the project done before – in magazines and on those home improvement shows so I knew it was doable, but findable?  That was the issue.  For years I had looked and then one day I saw it - leaning up against the barn at Blue Shutters Antiques in East Chester, NS.  A mantle – but not just any mantle one that was owned by Charles Lordly himself - circa 1850.  Purchased at an auction by Blue Shutters proprietor Bobby Young (pictured above) to raise money for the Lordly Museum – it was perfect...well perfect for me anyway.  So I bought this piece of Chester history (for much less than a Queen Size headboard I’ll have you know) and then went to work.  I did scrape the loose bits, but the cracked paint was a welcome effect - so after wiping, priming and painting I was ready to mount the mantle to the bed frame – tack a retro style pink sheer to cover the opening, add a star fish for style – and my sweet deal turned into sweet dreams.

Take a Tip from SABS: for small furniture projects - just buy a tester.  That was all I needed to complete this headboard in Behr "Aqua Foam"

Come by Chance Sign - Part 2Part 2 – Bedside Breakthrough

It pays to be on the look out – have a mental “must have” list for just such an occasion.  It’s also worth having a bit of imagination because sometimes those “must haves” cost too much to have and you’re left having nothing.  I had been searching for a bed side table to work with my raised bed and nothing...everything was either too low in height or too high in price, so I kept my eyes open for an opportunity to once again do-over a deal.  Then one Saturday I popped into Come by Chance Antiques in Marriotts Cove, NS.  Yes, I was going for the antique look at a tag sale price – and I found it. IncrediblyNightside Table - Part 2 worn and weathered, with a top that had been replaced in a different wood –icky to most maybe, but  I knew that with the proper prep and a little paint – this broken piece of the past could be done over and so it was.

The Barn - Part 3Part 3 – Not so Scrap Metal

I’m not always on a mission – and sometime that’s when you find the best stuff. If I’ve got a smidge of spare time – I love to pop into The Barn (M.E. Countway & Sons Ltd.) at Robinson’s Corner in Chester, NS.  Because you just never know.  Maybe my favourite piece of all time was just such a find.  It sat amidst a bunchRed Porch Table - Part 3 of dressers - an old grey metal office table on wheels, with a tiny drawer and fold down sides... half painted yellow and looking very sad indeed.  I smile every time I see that table now - a steal of a deal at only $12 now done over in fire engine red and perfectly perched on my porch.

SABS Deals in Info...

Blue Shutters Antiques, Easter Chester, NS - 902-275-5359

Come by Chance Antiques, Marriotts Cove, NS - 902-275-3146

The Barn (M.E. Countway & Sons Ltd.) Chester, NS - 902-275-3345

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  1. I'm in the market for a bell something like a firetruck or fire hall bell on a frame. About a foot in diameter. If you have one please send me a picture at the email above. Thank You

    Comment by Helen — September 19, 2015 @ 9:35 pm

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