Where’s My Goat?

Where’s My Goat? ...talk about your hooks! 

 Needless to say when we heard about this project from filmmaker Christopher Richardson NL – we were more than a little curious.  Then again it was curiosity (born from generosity) that spawned this documentary in the first place.  Seems after searching for a fresh approach to promotional give-aways for his St. John’s company Henge - he opted for the ethical route - buying goats for third world families as thank-you gifts for his commercial clients.  Really?  Cynicism takes a hand – was there really a goat? If there was a goat - did it matter?  Richardson sets off to Zambia - on a mission....to gather information, to gain perspective, to get answers...and yes - to find his goat.  What we found in the film was entertaining and enlightening and we hope you do too! SABSWMG - Family Meeting

Check out Where’s My Goat? when it premieres on the Documentary Channel – 9pm Eastern Tuesday, September 28st (2010).  GOOD NEWS - It will be a free view airing - meaning that anyone with a cable digital box or satellite will be able to see the film regardless of whether they are subscribed to the documentary channel or not. COOL!!!                                                   visit www.wheresmygoat.ca for more details

The Reel Deal: Christopher Richardson, Filmmaker

 SABS: Where were you born?

CR: I was born in Gander. But really grew up in Conception Bay South (Chamberlains). Each Saturday though - I was in to the St. John's Famous Players Theatre to see the latest movie. 

 SABS: Where do you hang your hat now?

CR: After a lot of moving around - including a three year stint traveling the world after university, producing community TV in central Newfoundland, advertising in Halifax, and animation in Miramichi, I'm back on the Rock - living in Mount Pearl. 

 SABS: Have you always wanted to make movies?

CR: Producing and directing have always been my passion. I coerced my school friends to be in my first film (a super 8 silent James Bond film) when I was 15. It's been community TV, music videos, TV ads, promotional material and documentaries ever since. 

 SABS: What does it mean to have the movie so well received and broadcast to the world?

Christopher Richardson

Christopher Richardson on location in Zambia for "Where's My Goat?"

CR: This is very exciting for our young company, Henge. Where's My Goat? had 6 distributers (2 American, 1 Australian, and 3 Canadian) seeking distribution rights. That's exactly what you want. It's tough getting a film made at all - the next challenge is getting it seen. It looks like we've accomplished both. Where's My Goat? and our other film CRANKY have now been signed to worldwide distribution deals.  As filmmakers, we have stories we want to tell because we feel we have something relevant to say or offer. It is a long long, difficult process to get a film made in Canada. So getting the film made is an accomplishment in the first place. To then get it to a national and international audience is extremely gratifying because it reaffirms our stories resonate. And that is one of the reasons you are in the business in the first place - to tell stories that impact people. 

SABS: Any other projects in the works?

CR: You can't sit still for any time at all in this business. You always have to have something in the works to follow up. Among other projects, we are negotiating with a UK band for a documentary about an upcoming tour. We are preparing to shoot a development trailer for a story about a 45 year father and son mystery taking us across four countries and three continents. And we are writing a script for our first feature film.


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  2. I have bought goats and sent money to the Education Fund and wondered if it really got to people who needed it. Thank you much.

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