The Hippest Hang Out in Hampton – Vintage Bistro

Vintage Bistro Profile

Gary Forsgren, Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and Carol Anne Forsgren

The Vintage Bistro in Hampton, New Brunswick has got it all going on.  Overlooking the beautiful Hampton Commons this hip, but casual gathering place specializes in tapas and great wine by the glass (BTW: that’s where they found Vintage part of their name) ...oh and did we mention their sunny patio – sweet! 

Owner Carol Anne Forsgren ensures the scene is ‘fresh’ – from the sumptuous signature dishes and the family recipe inspired desserts (try the Heirloom Carrot Cake – yummmm), to the stylin’ decor, oh and then there’s the live entertainment!    

“Seeing people getting out of their living rooms, having a great time and appreciating the quality live music we are attracting – that’s what makes it special for me" says Forsgren 

Fast becoming THE place to play - The Vintage Bistro continually offers a stellar line up.  Between now and December – over 50 acts will hit the stage - here’s just a few:  Tim Harwill (country icon), Theo Tams (Canadian Idol winner), Kim Beggs (Yukon) with Chris Jagger (Mick Jagger’s brother), Jen Chapin (Harry’s daughter), Catherine MacLellan (PEI) with Del Barber, Christina Martin CD Release, Doc McLean’s Darker Ways, Pacific Curls (New Zealand), Dave Carroll, Stephen Fearing and JT Nero with Po’Girl. 

I mean - what more do you need?  What’s that you say a signature drink?  Well how about a Vintage Kiss or a Vintage Bliss?!  So now your bases are covered – to eat drink and be merry at the Vintage Bistro in Hampton, NB – we’ll see you there. SABS 

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About the Owner:

Carol Anne Forsgren was born in Hamilton, Ontario – her husband Gary hails from BC they moved to New Brunswick to be closer to family and are glad for it.  Forsgren  believes - “ New Brunswick is a province of opportunity.  Having moved here from Vancouver, we realize that if you are an entrepreneur, it is easier to start and make a business successful here.  It’s  been a great province in which to raise our (now fully grown) children as it has offered a great culture (music and the arts) in a small town, family-oriented and safe environment”


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