192nd Royal St. John’s Regatta


The time was 5:30 something AM in Newfoundland when the alarm went off - up early to hear the call.  I, like so many others, arose with the hope that the 192nd Royal St. John’s Regatta would be a 'go' on this the first Wednesday in August.  If the weather is fine the race is on and work is OFF.  Now that’s an event!!!

Steeped in the history of great competition and wrapped in the warmth of  great tradition – the Regatta is a fantastic experience.

Make no mistake - for the teams competing this is serious business.  Months and months training five and six days a week – and it all comes down to this.  The gunshot blasts the reality of the moment wide open as their well-synchronized oars cut through the waters of Quidi Vidi Lake.  The fastest wins – so they have to bring it - BIG time.

BUT there’s a bigger picture to this annual row-off and that’s the coming together – as a community celebrating both new victors and old friends.  The Province’s capital stops...and enjoys and so did we! SABS

For the record...

Those three gentlemen on the bench were correct - Ronny Brennan’s crew did win the men's title...here are your 2010 winners

Male Championship Race Winners:

Crew – Roger Bussey Lawyers Time: 9:32.76

Coxswain: Ron Brennan, Stroke: James Cadigan, 5: Chris Neary, 4: Ronnie Whitten, 3: Daniel Cadigan, 2: Craig Whittle, 1: Matthew Manning, Spare: Brent Hickey, Coach: Ben Colbourne
Shell: Miss Tubular

Female Championship Race Winners:

Crew – M5 Time: 5:05.22

Coxswain: Mark Hayward, Stroke: Katie Wadden, 5: Heather Stone, 4: Ashley Peach, 3: Amanda Hancock, 2: Alison Peach, 1: Kim Oates
Shell: Miss Tubular

For a complete list of race results and event details visit www.stjohnsregatta.org

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  1. If you'd like to have a look at some still photos from this year's Regatta, have a look here:

    Comment by Mardon — August 12, 2010 @ 6:21 pm

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