Comic Con 2010 – A Special NL/PR Report

At Sea and be Scene we are all about the people, places and things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so special...and so you ask 'could Comic Con 2010 - held in San Diego, California really a part of that offering?'  Well - Yes it could when it's being reported on by John Swinimer, a NL born PR dude (and member of the SABS team)...and let's face it - any report that gives us a chance to showcase the coveted Osmond Brothers Lunchbox - we'll take it. SABS

Comic Con 2010 (San Diego, CA)
by John Swinimer

What has about 160,000 heads, likes comic books, anime, movies, and TV shows? If you said, the attendees at this year's Comic Con event in San Diego, you'd be right.

As a public relations professional, I'm here on business to promote company initiatives while supporting others in the PC gaming field.

Comic Con has certainly seen a lot of changes since its early beginnings. While it still caters to the comic book fan -- artists are aplenty -- the show organizers realized that attendees are also keen on other entertainment and expanded the focus to include PC gaming, TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters.

Speaking of movies, you can't go anywhere at this show without spotting a celebrity making the scene. By visiting a restaurant or strolling through a hotel, I've managed to spot numerous celebrities including: Jeff Bridges, Simon Pegg, Stephen Collins, Tracey Morgan, David Haselhoff, Erik Estrada, Brandon Routh, Michael Cera and many more.

There are lots of reports about the show on the web, but what they don't tell you is the experience of being at the show. With 160,000 people plus in one place, you can imagine that it's pretty crowded. Sidewalks overflow with attendees -- some dressed like super heroes and other cartoon characters. On the show floor, you can barely move with wall-to-wall people.Comic Con 2010 showfloor

In addition to the show exhibits, vendors promote comic books from past and present along with golden age toys from long ago. I saw several Batmobiles I owned as a kid. And I even saw my sister's Osmond Brothers lunch box from grade school.Osmond Brothers lunchbox

All in all, it's a spectacle of geekdom. I was asked if the intrusion of Hollywood has taken away from the essence of the show. If anything, the additional entertainment facets of TV and movies only adds to the wonder of it all. JS

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  1. Loved John's article. After reading it, I felt like I had been at Comic Con. Really liked the line "a spectacle of geekdom."

    Comment by Shawn — September 14, 2010 @ 4:28 pm

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