Sean Hogan-It’s All Relative

Profile: Sean Hogan

Occupation: Singer/songwriter

Currently Resides: Campbell River, B.C. and Nashville, TN

What are your family ties to the Atlantic Provinces?

My Dad’s side of the family is from St. John’s NL. The family house is still there and while my grandma and grandpa have passed away - I do have cousins still living in St. John’s

When was your last visit to the Atlantic Provinces?

I toured the Maritimes with The Canadian Country Christmas Tour in 2005*(see SABS note).

I loved absolutely loved the 7th annual drums and percussion I took in while on the Halifax stop of the tour.  Being a drummer first, it was so cool to see such strong and broad based use of the cultural significance from drumming around the world in one night in a great artistic and musical city like Halifax.

Where’s your favourite place in NL to grab a coffee?

My cousins’ place

Where’s your favourite place in NS to grab a pint?

In Halifax at Alexander Keith Atlantic Beer Institute

What’s the one dish you crave when you’re away from NL?

I love a good Flounder.

Where in NL would we stand to see your favourite view?

Signal Hill

Name 3 things I’ve gotta do when I visit Nova Scotia okay here I likely would...

1. Get a map...

2. Go to Peggy’s’s a must do!

3. Go to Lunenburg – especially for the Folk Harbour Festival

What makes NL such a special place on earth for you?

The roots of half of my family’s history is from that great land

*SABS NOTE: yes – it’s been nearly 5 years – but if anyone was switching planes between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia during the Christmas season of 2005 – and happened to come across a 3/4 length carmel colour belongs to Sean Hogan.  To arrange for return email [email protected]

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  1. Nice article on Sean Hogan. Interesting to read about his ties to NL.

    Comment by Todd — September 27, 2010 @ 11:28 pm

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